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Internship Program

CDOT's process improvement internship program is a partnership between CDOT and the student. College students gain valuable experience in process improvement and related disciplines, while CDOT benefits from the insight, talent and enthusiasm of the college student.

In addition to providing meaningful, real-world work, our internship program gives college students the opportunity to network with fellow interns and CDOT employees through intern program activities and events.

Applying for Internships

Apply for Internships with CDOT Process Improvement

CDOT process improvement internship opportunities are posted occasionally throughout the year on the Colorado state government employment page.

What Process Improvement Interns Do

Process improvement interns contribute to CDOT in many ways, including: assisting process improvement teams; helping CDOT's Change Agent Network; and developing tools to enhance and evolve CDOT's improvement program.

internship program logo Hear what former CDOT process improvement interns had to say about the work they did, along with comments from CDOT employees who worked with the interns.

Meet our Current Process Improvement Interns!

Graduated OPI Intern Testimonials

Kailyn Haskovec

Past and Current CDOT Intern Experiences

Intern Report Outs

Twice a year, CDOT interns from across the state share the accomplishments and experiences that they have had during their internships at our Intern Report Out. See what current and past interns have presented.

Intern Success Stories

Learn more about CDOT internship by reading through some success stories from prior interns!