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End of internship: A transitionary period

By: Josue Reynoza, Media and Marketing Intern

September 18, 2019


As my internship starts winding down at the time of writing, it is time to reflect back on what I have done here at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Being here at CDOT, I have gained and learned a lot.

When starting my internship, I was immediately put on a project to assist filming for Lean Everyday Ideas (LEI), innovations that fellow CDOT employees submitted and implemented. With the communications department and two other interns, I helped run the cameras as we filmed the videos.

From the start, I was able to strengthen and create new relationships at CDOT. I was able to assist the Communications Department by designing Bustang’s Estes Park service brochure and create promotional videos for the opening of a time capsule that was hidden in the old CDOT headquarters. I also wrote articles about various topics regarding our Lean Everyday Ideas, Process Improvement, and writing former intern success stories.

I have gained many skills working here. Before starting this internship, I had no idea what change management or process improvement was. Ironically enough, I was subconsciously doing everything I have learned from studying process improvement in my own life before even knowing what it was. Being in a new environment that was foreign to me, it did take time to adjust to a structured culture, but I ended up getting acclimated.

One of the most impactful things I have experienced during this internship was the sense of community between the interns in my office. Everyone helped and supported each other no matter what, cultivating a collaborative and inclusive environment. Better yet, everyone got along and we all made each other feel like family.

I am happy that this internship with the State of Colorado was my first job out of college. In this position I created lasting relationships and learned valuable skills that I otherwise would never have been exposed to. I am happy that CDOT has helped me move forward in my career.

How Do I Hire Interns?

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