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Intern Success Story: Landin Whitley

By Mary NordiniProcess Improvement Intern

January 16, 2019

Just graduated from college, Landin Whitley was looking to pursue his interests in logistics. On the recommendation of a friend, he applied with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and was offered a position as an engineering applications intern, later to be merged with an internship in the office of process improvement (OPI). Landin packed up from his home in Alabama, where he had attended the University of Alabama Huntsville, and moved to Denver.

Equipped with a Bachelors of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Landin was ready to dive into the experience awaiting him. He started with projects on researching and implementing new contract management software, attended forums and workshops, and assisted with event planning that ranged from award presentations to leadership forums. Always ready for what was thrown at him, Landin even tackled being informed he would be manning the tech booth for the CDOT leadership forum, to be hosted the following day. He took on this role and gave himself a crash course on what he needed to know, ultimately assisting in contributing to a successful event.

Not only was Landin challenged in the work he did, but the skills he had to develop, specifically the team based experience. With limited prior exposure, he learned to change his approach in order to adapt to the different personalities on a team, growing both personally and professionally. And the  CDOT team left a lasting impression on him.

What makes them so special? Motivation. As an intern, it inspired Landin to learn of the constant work team CDOT was performing around the state. Whether they were maintenance guys out in blizzards scraping snow and plowing, or those in the office implementing changes and improving the company, CDOT employees were all working together to become the best DOT in the country. He found motivation in the good people constantly at work, and support of his pursuit of interests.

In his last weeks, Landin worked on an asset management project involving the CDOT vehicle fleet, mitigating the inventory and costs to limit waste. Invested in this project, Landin regrets not being able to continue and see it through, as it confirmed for Landin what he wanted to pursue, system logistics and distribution. This project, and his overall experience leads to his advice for future CDOT interns:

“Use your time wisely and go after what you want to do. Talk to different departments for work you’re interested in.”

Landin continues to pursue his interest in system distribution, currently working for Yulista Aviation as a project coordinator on defense contracting, involving the Patriot Missiles: the supply and distribution of assemblage kits.

How Do I Hire Interns?

Learn about how to utilize CDOT’s internship program in your division by referencing the CDOT Collegiate Internship Handbook.