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Informational 4: Selected References for Process Improvement

At CDOT, Lean process improvement is: “Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer”.

Some of our efforts are larger, cross-functional process improvements projects, which we refer to as “Global Lean” initiatives. Many other improvements are more localized, where individuals or teams of people are improving the processes within their own functions and workgroups –- these are “Local Lean” efforts. Additionally, CDOT encourages all employees to identify ideas and opportunities to make smaller-scale improvements that are within their control, which we refer to as “Everyday Ideas”.

For Global Lean, Local Lean, and Everyday Ideas, CDOT utilizes selected references; summaries for some of these are provided through the links below.


1. References for process improvement (general)


2. References for change management (the people side of change)


3. References for Everyday Ideas


4. Summary of "The New One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project with a Single Sheet of Paper"

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