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Pluses & Deltas

Why do Pluses & Deltas at your meetings?


Instant Feedback


Hold Better Meetings & Training Classes


Capture Initial Impressions


Continuous Improvement Through Reflection

Purpose: This quality tool provides a simple method for individuals or teams to engage in reflection as an approach to continuous improvement. The +/∆ evaluation can help inform the changes needed to achieve higher levels of performance.


  • Identify the things that are working, first
  • Pluses are the items that the individual or team wants to maintain and build upon

Deltas (opportunities for improvement) 

  • Identify the opportunities for improvement. These are the things that can be changed so that the individual or team may be more effective
  • Deltas should be action-oriented and begin with a verb
  • Deltas should be specific
  • Deltas should be within the realm of possibility
  • Deltas should be reviewed and acted upon

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