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Process Analysis Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet helps individuals and teams identify steps that create waste in processes, and also helps identify opportunities for improvement

Process Analysis Worksheet – Waste & Opportunities


Value is defined by the customer and for a step/activity to be considered value it:

1) must be something the customer wants to pay for it (time or money)

2) must change the product or service, and

3) must be done right the first time.

Steps for mapping a process:

  1. Identify the trigger and the stopping point
  2. Identify what functions or roles are involved
  3. Document steps from top to bottom and left to right
  4. Involve people who perform the process to develop a better understanding of what actually happens
  5. Capture and document data where available
  6. Use the process map to help identify waste, value & improvement opportunities
What you might observe:
What you might hear:
Waste in my process
Opportunities for improving my process
When the process stops
“I know it’s urgent, but I’m waiting on…”
Approvals or inspections that don’t improve the product or service
“We have checkers checking the checkers.”
Handoffs between people and organizations
“I don’t know how the whole process works, only my piece.”
Any movement of paper or people (motion)
“I spend a lot of my time walking just to get my job done.”
Things not done right the first time; requires rework
“I find mistakes all the time, and sometimes our customers do.”
Failure to Prioritize
Working in crisis mode because “everything is important”
“It’s hard to know what needs to be done first.”
Underutilized Talents
Not using all of an employee’s skills
“We’ve always done it this way, but we could find a better way.”
Lack of Standards
The absence of standard methods and targets
“Everyone does it differently so it’s hard to improve.”