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Information 3: Lean Process Improvement Tools and Techniques

At CDOT, Lean is " Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer". Numerous tools and techniques exist that help us do this.. Some of these are noted below.
File Lean Rapid Improvement Events - Go or No Go criteria
A checklist of the major elements necessary for the success of a Lean Rapid Improvement Event.
File 6S (5S) Evaluation and Implementation Tool
An instructional checklist tool to help implement 6S/5S.
File application/ms-word Lean Project Charter with Guidelines
A tool to help identify the reason for improvement, people involved, and the scope of the project
File Template - Lean A3 Problem solving process
The A3 process is a straightfoward way of getting a problem, an analysis, and an action plan displayed on a single sheet of large paper. The term “A3” itself refers to the size of that single sheet of paper (the metric term for an 11-by-17 sheet).The A3 process is a primary Lean process improvement approach. (Microsoft Powerpoint Format)
File Template - Lean A3 Problem solving process
(Microsoft Word Format)
Manager's Quick Start Guide for Performance and Process Measurement
Manager's Quick Start Guide for Engaging Employees Through "Everyday Ideas"
The Roles of Managers During Times of Change - Some Tips
File Process Improvement Glossary
File Manager's Quick Start Guide for Communicating about Change
Developing Output, Customer and Process Metrics: Some Tips
Manager's Quick Start Guide to Local Process Improvement
File image/x-jg PICK (Possible-Implement-Challenge-Kill) Chart
The PICK Chart is useful for categorizing potential ideas for improving a process (courtesy of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, HCFP).
File PDF document Form Improvement Tool (FIT)
FIT is a short flowchart to help you improve the functionality of a form. Forms are one type of key "artifact" for a process, and improving the functionality of a form can often provide significant benefits for the overall process. (courtesy of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, DOLA)
File SIPOC-Reference Guide
A SIPOC-R is a type of high-level process map that includes the identification of the basic elements of a process: SUPPLIERS; INPUTS provided by those Suppliers; the primary steps of the PROCESS itself, OUTPUTS from the process; CUSTOMERS (users) of those Outputs; and valid REQUIREMENTS from the users of the inputs and the outputs.
File PDF document A 15-Minute Simulation To Demonstrate How Lean Process Improvement Works
Have you ever wondered how you can demonstrate some of the principles of Lean process improvement to other people? If so, try this 15-minute simulation exercise with your team to experience how the Lean process improvement methodology works!
File ​Process Mapping (Process Flowcharting) Guide
​Process Maps are used to 1) Capture current and new process information; 2) Identify the flow of a transaction, 3 Identify responsibilities of different business functions, 4) Clearly show hand-offs between functions, and 5) Identify Value-add (VA) & Non-value-add (NVA) activities​ ​​(courtesy of the ​Ohio Department of ​Transportation (ODOT))​
File chemical/x-pdb Local Lean Improvement Project Selection Assessment
With this quick assessment, you can pinpoint opportunities for using Lean methods and tools to improve your operation ​​(courtesy of the ​Ohio Department of ​Transportation (ODOT) and LeanOhio)​.
File Lean Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) Survival Guide
Designed for process improvement project team members, this Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) Survival Guide helps the Team during that week-long workshop. This is a must-have document for anyone who' is going to be involved in an RIE ​​(courtesy of the ​Ohio Department of ​Transportation (ODOT) and LeanOhio)​.
File chemical/x-pdb Key Roles During a Rapid Improvement Event
This guide summarizes the different roles that help ensure the success of a Lean Rapid Improvement Event ​​(adapted from a similar guide used by the ​Ohio Department of ​Transportation (ODOT) and LeanOhio)​
File chemical/x-pdb Leader's Guide for Building the Business Case for Lean Process Improvement
This guide helps CDOT Leaders build support for Lean process improvement by describing some of the challenges we face and how Lean can help address those challenges ​​(adapted in part from material used by the ​Minnesota Department of ​Transportation (MnDOT) and the Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement)​.
Benchmarking: Improving Through Thoughtful Comparison
File Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA)
Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) is an iterative four-step management method used for the continuous improvement of processes and products, and for carrying out change projects.
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