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Results 3: Using Information Technology to Improve Processes

At CDOT, Lean is “Everyone, Every Day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, To Benefit Every Customer”. Information technology (IT) is a powerful tool for improving processes and reducing the cost of government. CDOT partners with the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) to combine the use of IT tools and techniques with Lean process improvement tools and techniques to make CDOT’s processes more effective, efficient, and elegant. Articles about some of these efforts are listed below.
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Guardrail Length Calculator Safeguards Length Calculation and Saves Time Page
Improving the Functionality and User-Friendliness of Our Lean Everyday Ideas Database Page
Situational Awareness System Improves Daily and Emergency Responsiveness Page
Use of State-of-the-Practice Tool for Designing Roadways Reduces Costs by $15 Million Page
ESCAN 2.0 Improves Training Compliance for Contractors, Decreasing Staff Hours by 80 Percent Page
Agile Development Methodology: Enhancing IT Project Management at CDOT Page
COOPR: Major Enhancement for Customers For Oversize/Overweight Permitting Page
Access to ROW Plans Significantly Improved Through Implementation of ProjectWise Page
Improved Project Milestone Report Saves Times, Enhances Ease of Tracking Changes Page
Google Hangout Reduces Need to Travel to Meetings, Lowering the Cost of Government Page
Electronic Purchase Orders Saving Time, Reducing the Cost of Government Page
Maintenance Training Academy Goes Paperless, Saves $20,000 Annually Page
Implementation of Electronic Audit Work Papers Improves Effectiveness, Efficiency Page
Payroll system changes improve efficiency for answering questions by 50% Page
Agile Used to Develop New Project Cost Estimator; Saves Time for Project Engineers Page
Web-based processing application for Highway User Tax Fund improves staff efficiency by $46,000 yearly Page
New System Reduces Service Time To Airports By Up To 85% Page
Improvement to SAP Meets MAP-21 Federal Requirements, Reduces Manual Data Entry Page
MRP, "Just-in-Time" Strategies Reduce Inventory by $1,932,428 Page
Improved Web-based Mapping Provides Faster, Easier Access to GIS Information Page
Milestone data entry improved, saves $400,000 of time for Project Managers Page
Improvements to ESCAN Yield Savings of $420,000, Decreased Errors Page
From Days to Just Minutes: Improved FFATA Reporting Saves Over $11,000 Annually Page
Improved Accident Reporting System Enhances Access, Reduces the Cost of Government by over $10,000 Page
Improvements to TAGIS Allows Instant Access to Detailed Traffic Data and Reduce Costs Page

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