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Center for Procurement and Contract Services
2829 West Howard Place, 5th Floor, Denver, CO 80204
Phone: 303-757-9236  |  Fax: 303-757-9669

Colette DeSonier

Director of Administration, CDOT Procurement Official, Division of Accounting and Finance

Debra Jaramillo Office Manager 303-757-9236
Procurement Operations Manager 303-757-9399
Toi Matthews Procurement Operations Lead 303-757-9968
Procurement Administrator 970-683-6390
Shayne Cumine Procurement Administrator 303-512-4004
Procurement Administrator 303-757-9374
Procurement Administrator/Equipment Specialist 303-512-5511

Purchasing Agent/Vendor Outreach Administrator

Jeremy Roth

Procurement Administrator/Storeroom Operations Controller

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Contract Operations Manager


Matt Bailis Contracts Administrator/Personal Services 303-757-9752
Grant Contracts Administrator 303-757-9756

Justine Goray   

Contract Closeout Administrator

Steve Waldmann Contracts Administrator/IGA/HPTE


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Business Process Support 

Process Support Lead Administrator 303-757-9626
Rose Njuguna Process Support Administrator 303-512-4917
Brooke Dunn Commercial Card Program Administrator 303-512-4918
Margo Wilson  Business Process Expert 303-757-9785
Louis Wynn Supplier Self Service (SuSS) Portal Help Desk 303-757-9848
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