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SuSS Portal - Supplier Instructions

Work instructions to assist suppliers who are registering and using the bid system for goods and services. SuSS Portal Help Desk Call: 303-757-9848 Email: d[email protected]
File text/texmacs CDOT Supplier Portal System Requirements
This document outlines the system requirements needed to access the CDOT Supplier Portal.
File CDOT Supplier Self-Service Portal
For new vendors looking to do business with CDOT.
File Initial Portal Registration Form
For vendors who are currently registered to do business with CDOT.
File chemical/x-pdb Complete Follow On Registration for CDOT Procurement
Use this procedure to complete the final registration step so that you are eligible to bid for CDOT goods and personal services solicitations.
File Troff document Navigating and Maintaining your CDOT Vendor Portal Account
File Submit Bid for CDOT Procurement RFx
Use this procedure to create a bid response for CDOT goods and services.
File Change Bid or Solicitation Response on CDOT's Vendor Portal
Use this procedure to change a bid or solicitation response on CDOT's Vendor Portal
File Withdraw Bid or Solicitation Response from CDOT's Vendor Portal
Use this procedure to withdraw a bid or solicitation response from CDOT's Vendor Portal.
File CDOT Supplier Portal Training
This document has instructions on how to use the supplier portal.
File Troff document CDOT Supplier Portal Username / Password Reset
This document can be used to help vendors who are unable to remember username / password in the CDOT supplier portal.
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