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CDOT’s Project Delivery Plan (PDP) provides the framework to deliver projects on time and within scope and budget. The PDP is based on proven industry standards including the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK®).  This website provides project management guidance, tools, templates, and examples, to help a Project Manager to complete and implement a PDP. 

Preconstruction Project Delivery Plans are now required for all CDOT engineering capital construction projects that have not yet achieved the FIR milestone. From Josh Liapply (September 4th memo to Program and Resident Engineers):

“This is a significant milestone for CDOT as we work towards instituting a more uniform, consistent and systematic approach to pre-construction project management that provides: 

Better project planning and consistent reporting

Better preparation and readiness for meetings and milestonesProactive identification of possible issues, with mitigation strategies

Reliable project status data so we are well equipped to deliver “what we say when we say”

Better communication and coordination of issues and concerns with all stakeholders 

Better decision making; by identifying risks and understanding the impacts of changes, we can do a better job of making the best choice in view of the potential impacts.”

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