Program and Project Management

Effective program and project management supports CDOT’s ability to achieve organizational goals and is based on consistent program and project management practices and reliable information. Uniform processes for planning and executing projects statewide allow us to track progress, measure accomplishments and manage resources. By systematically anticipating and managing program and project risks, CDOT can make the most efficient use of taxpayer funds, and deliver the best transportation system possible to the traveling public.

CDOT’s Office of Program Management (PMO) advocates for CDOT program and project delivery teams across the state to ensure that the appropriate resources, guidance and tools are available to successfully manage projects throughout the Program and Project Lifecycle (see below). To accomplish this, the PMO meets regularly with CDOT staff to identify best practices as well as opportunities for improving program/project management processes and systems. This dialogue informed the development of guidelines for Asset and Fund Management and Pre-Construction Project Management, and is currently informing the development of construction guidelines and an online project management information system called “OnTrack” that will be implemented in 2020.

To sum it up, Program/Project Management helps CDOT establish credibility and transparency by ensuring that we deliver “what we say, when we say.”

Program and Project Lifecycle


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