Program Management Office (PMO)

About the Program Management Office (PMO)

The Program Management Office (PMO) advocates for CDOT’s program and project delivery teams by sharing best practices; promoting consistent project management processes, systems and tools; and consolidating and analyzing project and program data. The PMO is here to listen, ask questions and propose and deliver solutions.

What does the PMO do?

  • Identifies Project Delivery Needs and Best Practices - The PMO advocates for CDOT project delivery teams across the state to ensure you have the resources, guidance and tools needed to successfully manage projects.
  • Develops Consistent Guidelines, Processes & Tools - By standardizing processes and tools, the PMO helps project managers to collect and record important project data consistently. By providing a project data collection system, duplicative data entry and storage locations are minimized, one-source of reliable data is ensured, and data analytics and forecasting are possible.
  • Analyzes Project and Program Data - The PMO is responsible for analyzing interconnected projects or programs designed to achieve CDOT’s larger objectives related to safety, mobility, connectivity, etc. The PMO consolidates project data from across the state to provide the best analytics and forecasting possible in support of data-driven decision-making by CDOT’s Executive Management Team. 

How can the PMO help you?

  • Based on your needs and feedback, provide tools such as the Project Cost Planner Tool and the Construction Duration Tool, to help you identify project challenges early. Risk-based cost estimating supports accurate planning for potential project risks. 
  • Facilitating informed decision-making through extensive data analysis and forecasting – PMO provides Project Managers, Resident Engineers, Program Engineers, etc., with accurate and timely information about their projects. Reports that identify exceptions allow managers to focus resources on potential problem areas. 
  • Standardized project schedules that will help Project and Specialty Managers plan resources including involvement of specialty resources such as utilities and right-of-way.
  • Project management training incorporates industry-standard tools and best practices.
  • PMO offers support for staff who wish to pursue Project Management Professional (PMP) certification – a standard certification recognized by the industry.

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