Introduction to Asset and Fund Management


Welcome to the Colorado Department of Transportation Asset and Fund Management This guide represents the first of a three-phased initiative to help manage the flow of funding through programming and delivery of most CDOT projects. This written document will transition in its second phase to the CDOT website during the second half of the calendar year 2019. The third phase of this initiative will migrate the web functionality to OnTrack CDOT’s future program management information system.


In 2017, a team led by CDOT’s Office of Program Management (PMO) began an effort to provide CDOT regions with a “One Stop Shop” for helping to manage the planning and programming of assets and other funds (e.g., FASTER Safety), as well as the projects within those funds. A series of workshops and interviews led to a set of recommendations for Asset/Fund Management. The guide was to document and inform the first three of six steps in the Program and Project Lifecycle, depicted in Figure 1-1, as developed by the PMO.

Program and Project Lifecycle

Since December 2018, the working group was led by the PMO and region representatives. Its membership comprised of:

  • Ajin Hu, Region 2
  • Jason Smith, Region 3
  • Corey Stewart, Region 4
  • Jane Fisher, Office of Program Management  
  • Michael Collins, Staff Bridge Branch
  • William Johnson, Performance and Asset Management Branch
  • Michael Krochalis, Division of Accounting and Finance
  • Craig Wieden, Materials and Geotechnical Branch

The website will allow users to provide feedback to help enhance their content and functionality. OnTrack is a CDOT-wide tool for program and project delivery teams that also supports programmatic coordination across the project portfolio.