2.2. — RACI Matrix Definitions

Definitions for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed Parties are listed below.

  • Responsible parties are those who do the work to complete the task. Each activity typically has one ‘R’ unless split by Region and Headquarters (HQ); Asset Management (AM) vs other Funds Management (FM); or jointly shared (Jt).
  • Accountable individuals or groups ultimately must answer for the completion of the deliverable or task. They make the final decision when one is needed. There should be only one ‘A’ specified for each line item.
  • Consulted parties are involved in making the decision or completing the task (e.g., Subject Matter Experts) and are crucial to two-way communication.
  • Informed individuals are kept up-to-date on progress (e.g., copied on email), often only on completion of the activity or decision; communication with Informed groups or individuals may be only one-way.