3.2. — Chartering Program and Project Delivery Governance

The Asset/Fund Management working group that built this Guidebook suggests several ways CDOT would benefit from such a governing body. Many activities would be similar to those currently performed by PMO Governance. Some would be new. These activities would be determined by a chartering session and may include:

  • Changes to project scope and accompanying movement of budget between program/projects (for Statewide programs)
  • Manage lagging or over-spending programs/monitor XPI
  • Leverage RACI and Process Maps to develop “Escalation Protocol” and/or support updates to portions of PD 703.0
  • Guide OnTrack development and delivery
  • Guide communication of related new policies and procedures
  • Govern collaboration across committees and boards
  • Provide Program Management perspective in the coordination of related agency activities (e.g., Sweeping Rules, Strategic Safety, Line Item Billing, etc.)

Membership of Program and Project Delivery Governance would consist of members of executive management involved in the programming and delivery of projects. The current PMO Governance membership, with the addition of maintenance representation, largely reflects the planned Program and Project Delivery Governance roster.

Some early (FY20) action items for this group may include (see Figure 3-1):

Figure 3-1

Figure 3-1