3 — Governance

3.1. — Overview

“Governance” could be defined as the establishment and implementation or enforcement of policies by the members of the governing body of an organization. The governing body helps ensure that individuals within the organization understand their roles and responsibilities, that decisions are clearly communicated, and that processes are followed consistently within the intent of policy.

CDOT has several governing boards, advisory committees, and other bodies that oversee policy and make decisions. The TC, for example, governs key policies that steer the entire department. Technical boards such as the Bridge Enterprise Board guide scheduling decisions for certain assets or funds. Advisory committees such as the Project Delivery or Materials Advisory Committees steer policy, processes, and specifications that guide certain groups and activities. PMO Governance has helped to align program management decisions and functions across the agency.

This Guidebook recommends the chartering of a new Program and Project Delivery Governance body to provide an ongoing forum for asset and engineering funded program items, including decisions/approvals on guidelines, escalated issues, financial concerns, process improvements, political/external impacts, budget needs, and other related matters.