Reference Guide for Asset/Fund Management

Through the delivery of programs and projects, CDOT is the steward of federal, state, and local funds. The laws and regulations surrounding the management of those funds can change with each federal authorization bill or the Colorado legislative session. Additionally, the TC and executive management regularly adopt policies and procedures to help uniformly guide the implementation of such laws and regulations.

Table 5-1 below references the reader to many of those requirements. OnTrack will leverage those by maintaining relevant triggers, thresholds, and other controls.

Leads  DTD, Regional Planners DAF, OFMB DAF, PMO, Regions DAF, PMO, Regions
  • Division Director
  • Planning Branch Mgr.
  • Perf. & Asset Branch Mgr.
  • Region Planner, PE3
  • CFO
  • Budget Director
  • Cash Manager
  • Region Business Mgr.
  • PMO Director
  • PMO BI Manager
  • Region PMO Rep.
  • Region Business Mgr.
  • All of the above plus
  • Region PE3, PE2, PM
Rules & Regulations 
  • HQ Program Manager’s Guidebook
  • Asset/Fund Management Guidebook
Key Systems 
  • AIMS, ProLog
  • Spreadsheets (e.g., fund specific inventory, treatments, etc.)
  • SAP
  • Spreadsheets (e.g., revenue forecaster, etc.)
  • OnTrack, SAP, ProjectWise, AASHTOWare
  • Spreadsheets (planning totals, pool balances)
  • OnTrack, PowerBI, SAP
Key Documents, Forms, and Templates
  • CDOT Project Funding Process and Regulations Manual
  • SAP ZJ08 & CJ20N
  • Other forms under development
Some Relevant Change Log Elements 
  • STIP #, geographic elements (route, GIS, MP, etc.), Years (advertise, construction, etc.), Region, MPO/TPR, Fund Source, Asset Type, asset-specific elements (see PMO 4-Yr Master)
  • Fund Type or Source, Fund Center, Fiscal Year, Region, Program (type and 3-letter code), Distribution Action (annual budget, FAR, etc.)
  • Proj. ID, Project Desc., ZJ08 & CJ20N elements, Federal Apportionment type, treatments, Fund Sources and Uses, milestones, and schedule, drawdown
  • Proj. ID, proj. phase, STIP #, transaction type (CMO/MCR, add/reduce budget, add scope/treatments, combine/split projects, add/reduce schedule, etc.), Planning Total, Pool Balance, approval chain
Some Relevant Processes 
  • Program Distribution
  • STIP Planning & Approval Process (see DAF Project Funding doc)
  • Treatment Selection Budget and TC Workshops
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Annual Budget
  • Annual Pool Push and Allocations of incremental funding (e.g., redistribution)
  • Year-End (e.g., pool management and debudget, roll forward, retirement)
  • Project Budgeting Process (see DAF Project Funding)
  • Project Funding Best Practices
  • Project Creation
  • HQ Program Manager’s Guidebook
  • Program & Project Tracking
  • STIP/TIP Amendment (see DAF Project Funding doc)
  • CMO/MCR approvals
Some Relevant Reports 
  • CDOT budget docs (CDOT Budget Narrative, Annual Allocation Plan, TC Budget [One Sheet]), Annual Pool Push, Year-End reports
  • OnTrack and PowerBI Dashboards