5.4. — Timeline of Activities

5.4.1. Recent Developments

  • Program Close Rules. In mid-2019 DAF established new guidelines and procedures for treating year-end program balances as well as prior year project savings when funds are de-budgeted. Moving forward there will be a gradual retirement of surplus program budgets and emphasis on dedicating budget authority to areas with the most need. The new guidance provides greater flexibility in program and project management. 
  • Planning Totals to Pool Balances. Until recently CDOT separately tracked Planning Totals and Pool Balances. It is important to understand the difference between these two terms and what they represent. A Planning Total is a fiscal constraint initiated at budget-setting workshops and commonly divided among and managed by the regions across assets or funds, fiscal years, and funding types. A Pool Balance is the remaining total in that particular category at any one time. The Pool Balance is a calculation that starts with the Planning Total, then adds any amounts rolled forward from prior years and then subtracts project level budget actions and any other activity, including transfers between programs or between regions. DAF worked with the regions during 2019 to reconcile pool balances prior to implementing new Program Close Rules.
  • PMO Dashboards. PMO is developing dashboards to assist in planning total tracking. As OnTrack implementation progresses, these dashboards will migrate into the Program Management Information System; PM Web. The implementation team will determine which existing transactions capture the needed information to track planning totals and what additional data to include for each transaction. A transaction may be managed with a form and an assortment of inputs, data elements, and outputs.

Recent Developments