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6. — Dashboard and Monitoring

6.1. — Overview

Improved monitoring of programs and projects is a key purpose of not only this Guidebook but of future OnTrack implementation. The PMO has already developed a number of useful dashboards to help the department better track its programming and use of funds.

In tandem with the processes maintained by DAF and referenced in the Finance chapter, this Guidebook informs the programming and change management associated with planning totals and pools (see Figure 6-1 below). It guides how to leverage the key systems and data elements referenced in the Finance chapter to track planned treatments into the creation and delivery of projects, as well as the corresponding flow of funding through programs and into those very same projects. One beneficial outcome of OnTrack development will be the migration of spreadsheets into useful OnTrack workflow and reports. Those spreadsheets, and the OnTrack solution that they will help replace, support the management of pools and planning totals as well as three key steps in the creation and tracking of projects.

Figure 6-1

Figure 6-1

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