4. — Asset and Fund Technical Plan

4.1. — Overview

Asset/fund technical plans are intended to be reference guides for understanding CDOT's assets and funds. Technical plans summarize the description and mission of assets and funding programs, including details on what is covered and what is not contained within the definition of a particular asset or fund. Within this definition is information on how assets or funds are currently managed. Regulatory context for the way assets or funds are managed is provided through the identification of federal, state, policy directives, guidance, and procedural requirements.

Technical plans provide an overview of how assets are inventoried and monitored for the condition. Linkages to data repositories and condition ratings are made available for quick reference. Explanations of how asset conditions are determined, managed, and reported are also provided. This includes the methods and frequency for determining condition or performance, rules or practices that guide condition assessment, means by which condition data is maintained and archived, and background about recent or potential changes in the way conditions are assessed.

Inventory and condition information provides context for technical plan discussions about performance metrics and targets. These discussions include overviews about the quantitative measurements that assets or funds use to compare year-over-year performance, guide annual or future investment needs, and meet federal reporting requirements. The rationales for target-setting in meeting desired performance levels is also documented.

The backdrop for performance discussion is the availability of funding and the processes used to identify and prioritize projects that most improve performance. The technical plans, therefore, outline funding sources, funding source constraints, and the processes used to identify, prioritize, and ultimately select projects. The role of funding contributes to lifecycle management discussions and overviews on how decisions are made to maintain or replace assets, and what is involved in creating new assets.

Below are the asset and fund-specific plans.