5.3. —Rules and Regulations

5.3.1. — Reference Guide

Through the delivery of programs and projects, CDOT is the steward of federal, state, and local funds. The laws and regulations surrounding the management of those funds can change with each federal authorization bill or the Colorado legislative session. Additionally,the the Transportation Commission and executive management regularly adopt policies and procedures to help uniformly guide the implementation of such laws and regulations. Some examples of documents that will help you better understand and comply with the current processes here at CDOT are:




CDOT Federally-mandated plans

Long Range Plan


CDOT Goal-Setting Document including performance metrics for assets and funds

Policy Directive 14

CDOT technical specifications

CDOT Construction Manual

CDOT Bulletins & Manuals

Colorado’s recent legislation authorizing specific projects

Senate Bill 17-267

Senate Bill 18-001

Colorado’s rules governing statewide transportation planning

2 CCR 601-22

Federal Authorization Bills and governing transportation law



U.S. Code Title 23

Federal Terms

Financial Policies and Documents

Policy Directive 703.0

CDOT 2040 Program Distribution Process

DAF Project Funding Process Manual

Year End Retirement Rules

CDOT Current STIP Reports

5.3.2. — Policy Directive 703 Impact on Fund Management 

Policy Directive (PD) 703.0 was initially developed by DAF to guide which budgetary actions required TC approval. It has evolved through iterations to help maximize the flow of funds to construction projects and apply effective cash management strategies. You can view this directive here. Key elements of this PD include the overarching policy guidelines for the Year-End budget exception process and the project savings exception process.