2.3. | Chart Overview

The current RACI is provided in Figure 2-1. Stakeholders are aligned along the top of the chart and are grouped in three primary groups: Governance, Headquarters, and Region. 

Figure 2-1. RACI Chart

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The Governance and Headquarters groups are responsible for most ‘Statewide’ activities, while Region teams make decisions once the process has been forwarded to the five separate CDOT regions. Some activities will be delegated to an entire governing body such as the Transportation Commission, and others will be assigned to specific individuals (e.g., a Region Program Engineer). This covers planning and programming and not project delivery, the RACI examines only the first three steps in the lifecycle, shown in Figure 2-3 below.

Figure 2-3

Figure 2-3

Processes or activities are listed sequentially throughout the project lifecycle and track how funding is developed, budgeted, and approved, as well as how projects are prioritized and selected.

There are several instances where a task has two Responsible parties assigned to it. In these cases, it is equally important that both HQ and participating regions work together in completing the deliverable. Shared responsibilities are denoted as ‘RHQ’ and ‘RReg.’ There are also activities where the Accountable and Responsible individuals are one in the same. This is shown on the matrix as ‘A/R.’

While all the listed activities are tied to specific objectives, many of these contain a subset of detailed tasks within the main activity. An example of this is the development of the Annual Budget. To begin this year-long process, a draft budget prepared through several iterations by staff is adopted by the Transportation Commission (TC) in November and administrative budget items are submitted to the legislature. In December the adopted draft budget is presented to the Joint Budget Committee by the Office of Financial Management and Budget (OFMB) and the TC adopts the final budget the following April. Finalization of the administrative budget and Governor signature of the long bill occur in May and the final budget is approved in June to begin July 1. All these activities are vital to the development but are rolled into the single three-word process on the RACI, ‘Develop Annual Budget.’