3.3.— Establishing Program and Project Delivery TAC

Formation of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) might begin within the bi-weekly Asset/Fund working group that developed this Guidebook and would be led by the PMO and region representatives. This group would help determine necessary resource commitments for achieving the objectives of the Governance group and would be responsible for establishing communication with other agency TACs. It would recommend priorities for addressing issues at Governance and lead the analysis that would inform key decisions. It could coordinate with the Performance Measures Director on key performance indicators that help measure the progress of CDOT’s planning, programming, and delivery of projects.

Ultimately, the Governance and TAC for Program and Project Delivery would help enhance coordination among key governing bodies, improve program management communication between headquarters and regions, and better align processes that impact project delivery (see Figure 3-2 below).

Figure 3-2

Figure 3-2.