4.7. — FASTER Technical Plan Executive Summary

4.7.1. — Roles and Responsibilities Comparison

Key Steps

  • The Transportation Commission determines funding allocation and criteria by which projects eligible for FASTER funding are selected.
  • Regions submit FSM funding requests through applications to CDOT Headquarters for evaluation of program eligibility and technical compatibility with program goals
  • CDOT Regional planners and engineering staff work with local partners to analyze available data and determine effective safety projects for each Region.

Handoffs and Coordination

  • The FASTER Safety Mitigation (FSM) Executive Steering Committee is an advisory committee comprised of members of CDOT executive management, who review and approve the FSM Program metrics for project selection, reviews program budgets, performance metrics, schedules, and approves the statewide FSM Project Plan.
  • The Division of Accounting and Budget establishes planning estimates for the CDOT Regions.
  • The Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs) and the MPOs provide input on safety priorities and collaborate with the CDOT Regions to develop and identify safety projects.

4.7.2. — Key Policies

  • Senate Bill (SB) 09-108 – allows the state of Colorado to improve roadway safety, repair deteriorating bridges, and support and expand transit.
  • PD 704.0 – sets forth the criteria that must be followed to select eligible projects.
  • Procedural Directive 1504.1 – establishes responsibilities and requirements for FSM pursuant to the direction provided in PD 704.0.

FASTER Safety Mitigation Program Planning Process Map

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