4.16 — Guardrail Technical Plan Executive Summary

4.16 Process Overview

Key Steps

  • Roadside Safety Devices includes guardrails, cable barriers, end treatments, bridge rails, work zone treatments and concrete barriers.  Roadside safety devices are required to conform to specific crash tests and safety criteria as determined by FHWA.   
  • High level inventories have been performed using images from pavement data collection efforts. A more robust inventory and condition assessment is required to better inform investment decisions. 
  • The replacement and repair of roadside safety devices does not have a dedicated source of funding. 
  • The current investment strategy is to replace the oldest devices first and to evaluate damaged devices to determine if they should be replaced or if they can be repaired.
  • Development of a formal program that evaluates deficiencies, determines risk factors such as safety history, crash experience, and traffic volumes in order to identify the highest need for repair or replacement is underway.  

Handoffs and Coordination

  • The Traffic Assets and Operations Services office in the Division of Highway Maintenance and Operations is responsible for asset management for roadside safety devices, including project selection and project funding.  
  • The Standards and Specifications Unit of the Project Support office develops roadside safety device standards, addresses MASH compliance, design issues, and project support. One engineering position is dedicated to roadside safety devices and is a liaison between engineering and maintenance, assists with inspection criteria and repair or replace decisions. 
  • The CDOT Regions Traffic Sections implement projects and maintenance crews inspect and maintain roadside safety devices.  
  • Staff Bridge has ownership of the bridge approach rails which are required to comply with MASH.  
  • The Information Management Unit in the Division of Highway Maintenance and Operations is involved with inventory. 

Key Asset Policies

  • Joint Implementation Agreement for the AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH). 
  • FHWA Memo, Federal-aid Reimbursement Eligibility Process for Safety Hardware Devices, November 12, 2015.