4.2. — Link to the Risk-Based Asset Management Plan

In June 2019 CDOT delivered to Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) its Risk-Based Asset Management Plan as required under federal authorization. Surface Treatment and Bridges were featured in that document with a strategy to continue to add to the document to reflect the agency’s direction on asset management.

Due to the substantial work of DTD and the asset managers in developing the asset management plan, the emphasis has been placed on linking directly to source materials where possible to avoid redundancy and questions about versioning. When using technical plans, please be aware that source policies, guidelines, etc., may have changed, and to confirm that the resources cited are indeed the most current version.

For example, as indicated in Figure 4-1, asset management plans are a primary input to the technical plans. Any changes in these asset management plans would impact the timeliness of related technical plans. Figure 4-1

Figure 4-1