Asset & Fund Management


Welcome to Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Asset/Fund Management. This guide represents the first of a three-phased initiative to help manage the flow of funding through programming and delivery of most CDOT projects. This written document will transition in its second phase to the CDOT website during the second half of calendar year 2019. The third phase of this initiative will migrate the web functionality to OnTrack CDOT’s future program management information system.


In 2017, a team led by CDOT’s Office of Program Management (PMO) began an effort to provide CDOT regions with a “One Stop Shop” for helping to manage the planning and programming of assets and other funds (e.g., FASTER Safety), as well as the projects within those funds. A series of workshops and interviews led to a set of recommendations for this Asset/Fund Management Guidebook. The guide was to document and inform the first three of six steps in the Program and Project Lifecycle, depicted in Figure 1-1, as developed by the PMO.

Program and Project Lifecycle


In its written form, this Guidebook intends to depict the flow of key planning and programming processes using process maps, define key terms related to these processes, outline governance and responsibilities, and provide other useful information specific to certain funds or assets. 

How to Navigate

Individual chapters of the Asset and Fund Management Guidebook can be accessed through the Table of Contents on the right side of the page. Each chapter and subchapter are linked throughout the Table of Contents. 

Background on Treatment Selection and Project Creation

While DAF, PMO, and DTD are forecasting and managing future revenues and program budgets, asset managers and the regions are planning for and creating projects. The first two steps of the Program and Project Lifecycle loosely align to the steps that CDOT takes to create and financially manage its projects.

Treatments are prioritized based on a variety of factors—agency goals and objectives, asset category performance metrics, coordination across asset categories and within the region, etc. The byproduct of this iterative process—drastically oversimplified here—is an Asset/Fund Treatment List that offers to the region an ordered list of candidate treatments. The region considers available financial and human resources and a number of other factors in determining how to best mix and match the right treatments to form projects.

Project Lifecycle and treatment .jpg

Description of Quick Links

  • RACI Maxtrix — The CDOT PMO Responsible-Accountable-Consulted-Informed (RACI) matrix is an essential responsibility assignment chart that maps out crucial tasks and key decisions related to the programming of CDOT construction projects; the RACI matrix assigns entities within CDOT to deliver, guide, and approve these tasks.
  • Reference Guide for Asset/Fund Management with additional links — Through the delivery of programs and projects, CDOT is the steward of federal, state, and local funds. The laws and regulations surrounding the management of those funds can change with each federal authorization bill or the Colorado legislative session. This table includes important reference documents.

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