Reference Guide for Asset/Fund Management

Leads  DTD, Regional Planners DAF, OFMB DAF, PMO, Regions DAF, PMO, Regions
  • Division Director
  • Planning Branch Mgr.
  • Perf. & Asset Branch Mgr.
  • Region Planner, PE3
  • CFO
  • Budget Director
  • Cash Manager
  • Region Business Mgr.
  • PMO Director
  • PMO BI Manager
  • Region PMO Rep.
  • Region Business Mgr.
  • All of the above plus
  • Region PE3, PE2, PM
Rules & Regulations 
  • HQ Program Manager’s Guidebook
  • Asset/Fund Management Guidebook
Key Systems 
  • AIMS, ProLog
  • Spreadsheets (e.g., fund specific inventory, treatments, etc.)
  • SAP
  • Spreadsheets (e.g., revenue forecaster, etc.)
  • OnTrack, SAP, ProjectWise, AASHTOWare
  • Spreadsheets (planning totals, pool balances)
  • OnTrack, PowerBI, SAP
Key Documents, Forms, and Templates
  • CDOT Project Funding Process and Regulations Manual
  • SAP ZJ08 & CJ20N
  • Other forms under development
Some Relevant Change Log Elements 
  • STIP #, geographic elements (route, GIS, MP, etc.), Years (advertise, construction, etc.), Region, MPO/TPR, Fund Source, Asset Type, asset-specific elements (see PMO 4-Yr Master)
  • Fund Type or Source, Fund Center, Fiscal Year, Region, Program (type and 3-letter code), Distribution Action (annual budget, FAR, etc.)
  • Proj. ID, Project Desc., ZJ08 & CJ20N elements, Federal Apportionment type, treatments, Fund Sources and Uses, milestones, and schedule, drawdown
  • Proj. ID, proj. phase, STIP #, transaction type (CMO/MCR, add/reduce budget, add scope/treatments, combine/split projects, add/reduce schedule, etc.), Planning Total, Pool Balance, approval chain
Some Relevant Processes 
  • Program Distribution
  • STIP Planning & Approval Process (see DAF Project Funding doc)
  • Treatment Selection Budget and TC Workshops
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Annual Budget
  • Annual Pool Push and Allocations of incremental funding (e.g., redistribution)
  • Year-End (e.g., pool management and debudget, roll forward, retirement)
  • Project Budgeting Process (see DAF Project Funding)
  • Project Funding Best Practices
  • Project Creation
  • HQ Program Manager’s Guidebook
  • Program & Project Tracking
  • STIP/TIP Amendment (see DAF Project Funding doc)
  • CMO/MCR approvals
Some Relevant Reports 
  • CDOT budget docs (CDOT Budget Narrative, Annual Allocation Plan, TC Budget [One Sheet]), Annual Pool Push, Year-End reports
  • OnTrack and PowerBI Dashboards