4.18. — Senate Bill 1 Technical Plan Executive Summary

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Key Steps

  • Senate Bill 18-001 (SB-1) provides for a variety of possible general fund transfers to the State Highway Fund (SHF), the Highways Users Tax Fund (HUTF), and a newly created Multimodal Options Fund (MMOF).  The general fund transfers are dependent upon different external factors, including ballot initiatives. 
  • There have been two transfers totaling $645 M. This was divided 70 percent to the SHF, 15 percent to the HUTF (local governments) and 15 percent to the MMOF. The local money is split evenly between cities and counties and is distributed via the local government HUTF distribution formula. The distribution formula for the local portion of the Multi-Modal Options Fund is 5% for administration, 81% to the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s) and 19% to the Transportation Planning Regions (TPR’s). 
  • The SB-1 funding source may be short-term and non-recurring in the long term. Future transfers and their amounts are uncertain.
  • SB-1 funds the highest priorities of the state as determined through the state planning process and approved by the Transportation Commission. Priorities include preconstruction activities to advance a project to “shovel ready” condition, restoring reduced Asset Management funding and project in the Ten-year Development Pan are considered priority. 

Handoffs and Coordination

  • CDOT conducts a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative, performance-based, multimodal transportation planning process in accordance with federal and state requirements. The Division of Transportation Planning and the Division of Transit and Rail coordinates planning activities with the CDOT Regions and Divisions with input from planning partners including the MPO’s, TPR’s, the State Transportation Advisory Committee, the Transit and Rail Committee, Transit, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy Organizations and the public.  
  • The Transportation Commission relies on the planning process to determine which projects will be funded.   
  • The CDOT Regions implement the funded projects. 

Key Asset Policies

  • Colorado Senate Bill 18-001,