4.4. — Surface Treatment Technical Plan Executive Summary

Access the Surface Treatment Technical Plan

4.4.1. — Roles and Responsibilities Comparison

Key Steps

  • Establish Program goals, prioritize needs, and analyze funding gaps using PD 14
  • Distribute Program Fund Planning Allocations to Regions based on Deighton Total Infrastructure Management System (dITIMS)-CT
  • Prioritize needs utilizing statewide data analysis in dTIMs to develop Regional Treatment Lists
  • Review and finalize Region Project Lists within Planning Totals

Handoffs and Coordination

  • Extensive communication between the Regions in order to coordinate possible combined projects or concurrent work
  • HQ Pavement Management builds and maintains the pavement management models and software which is then delivered to the Regions for project-level development of the surface treatment project plan

4.4.2. — Key Asset Policies

  • 80 percent Chief Engineer policy to comply with the model
  • 3.3 percent Non-Essential Items
  • Surface Treatment as referenced in Policy Directive 14 and 703