4.12. — Tunnels

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4.12.1 Roles and Responsibilities Comparison

Key Steps

  • CDOT’s tunnel asset inventory is updated with condition information in accordance with the National Tunnel Inspection Specifications.
  • Inspections are performed by a multidisciplinary team and include geotechnical structure, structural elements, tunnel systems, and life safety components.
  • Tunnel condition surveys and inspections are performed every 24 months.

Handoffs and Coordination

  • Staff Bridge manages the inventory and condition data and provides an annual report to FHWA.
  • AIMS is utilized to consider the significance that an investment will have in improving life cycle, safety, and tunnel operation conditions.
  • Region tunnel managers have an influence on the application of maintenance, project prioritization, and investment decisions. Managers recommend projects and assign funds across different treatment categories.
  • The regions receive a list of candidate projects from the Tunnel Asset Manager and select final projects based on region allocation.
  • The regions implement the selected projects.

Key Asset Policies

  • Performance targets are determined in PD 14.
  • The aspirational performance target is 100 percent of network tunnel length with all elements in equal or better condition than 2.5 weighted condition index.
  • The fiscally constrained performance target is 80 percent.