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When is this applicable for your project?

23 CFR Part 940 requires that the design and deployment of all transportation technology projects funded with highway trust funds be based on a System Engineering Analysis (SEA). CDOT’s Design Bulletin 2016-1 further requires SEA on all CDOT projects, referencing the FHWA-CDOT Stewardship Agreement. Contact [email protected] in ITS for further direction.


What are the Roles and Responsibilities in this arena?

Currently, the project-specific SEA documents are determined in the Operations Evaluation (TSMO) process by CDOT ITS. The project managers are then required to prepare the documents. These processes are currently under development.

Red flags:

  • Inadequate determination of the level of complexity or risk involved in project execution invariably leads to issues later in the project.
  • The project conceptualization is rushed and an inadequate amount of effort is put into the initial project development and stakeholder outreach. Typically, this means that there is a lack of agreement of stakeholder roles and responsibilities at the outset.
  • Ignoring existing processes and/or standards, especially with respect to projects involving stakeholders outside of CDOT can imperil existing or planned projects and/or systems.
  • Projects that delay on sending in their Operations Evaluations (TSMO) request. The SEA documents need to be developed during design in order to maximize their effectiveness.
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