Example PDP's

South I-25 Gap PDP

The project will add an additional lane in each direction of I-25 from approximately mile markers 161 to 179 between Monument and Castle Rock. The project will include all ancillary requirements such as replacing bridges, new wildlife crossings, tolling infrastructure for Express Lanes, drainage work, etc.

Additional scope, primarily for a truck climbing lane on southbound I-25 from Greenland Rd. (approximately mile marker 167) extending anywhere from one mile to up to five miles in length is being considered. Freight funding of $2.5M and 2018 ballot measure list funding of $18M are being recommended to support this additional scope. Final determination on this scope will be based on final design and funding.

If the project scope changes, the PM will change the narrative above and provide notice to the Project Team and management. The PM will create and maintain the following project documents:
Major Deliverables Matrix is being completed de-centralized at this time due to the greatly enhanced project schedule. The intent is to review upon completion of Package 1 (i.e., roughly the first 1/3 of the total project construction). Other documents included with this PDP are guiding documents needed for critical clearances and to begin construction. A more centralized process will be completed prior to the final construction Package 3 to validate that all necessary project deliverables were completed.

CR 314 PDP

This project includes improvements to CR 314 between East Idaho Springs (Exit 241) and the recently completed CR 314 improvements just south of Veterans Memorial Tunnels. The Project upgrades CR 314 to meet Clear Creek County Local Access standards.

Improvements include two 11-foot lanes with consistent 2-foot shoulders. The Greenway Trail through this area may be included in the roadway cross-section with a 5-foot buffer area to separate the roadway lanes from a 10-foot shared use path. Other options separate the trail from the roadway section in order to reduce wall heights and right-of-way requirements.

The vertical and horizontal alignment of the existing roadway will be altered. The design speed for this portion of CR 314 will be 30 miles per hour. All CR 314 segments will be paved, removing the 1,000 foot section of gravel roadway that currently exists in one segment.