Roadway Design

When is this applicable for your project?

This is always applicable to Capital Construction Engineering projects (projects with scope that encompasses design of roadway infrastructure).

traffic capital construction engineering projects

What are the Roles and Responsibilities in this arena?

The roadway designer is responsible for collecting information on the project area and scope, and utilizing this data in following standards and guidance from applicable engineering organizations. The roadway designer is then responsible for producing a plans, specifications and estimate package for the project using this data. The roadway design arena does have a lot of overlap with other specialty scope (as shown above in the MDM, in the elements of the roadway plans), and shall incorporate other stakeholder input as well. The roadway designer is responsible for timely communication with the project manager of any changes which may impact specialties and stakeholders.

Red Flags:

  • Design Standards were not properly identified in the early stages of the project, now the design may no longer be applicable or correct
  • Other specialties were not made aware of an elevation change made by the Roadway Designer, and structures, hydraulics, utilities, and/or others may now need to be redesigned.