When is this applicable for your project?

The Geotechnical Program (HQ) conducts geotechnical investigations in support of structures and roadway design. Most projects require investigation and analysis of the subsurface conditions in order for structures, pavement, and other items to be properly built on them, so Geotechnical support and involvement is usually needed.

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What are the Roles and Responsibilities in this arena?

Geotech staff works in conjunction with the Region Materials and Staff Bridge groups, supplying key information regarding the necessary roadway prism, cut and fill areas, and substructural requirements. Project plans sets will include a geology sheet, supplied by the Geotechnical branch, detailing the subsurface conditions for the project area. Additional detail regarding the Geotechnical process and methodology and deliverables is in the Geotechnical Design Manual. The Project Manager must provide an accurate scope, including project location information, to support proper geotechnical analysis.


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