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Right of Way/Survey

When is this applicable for your project?

A formal Right of Way (ROW) Clearance is required from the Region Program ROW Manager for all projects prior to advertisement. Input from the Survey group will almost always be required depending on scope, as they will supply the ground elevations and lay of the land, the basis for design efforts and development of ROW plans.


What are the Roles and Responsibilities in this arena?

The ROW group is responsible for the acquisition of property on all federal and state projects. They ensure that all property needs for construction activities, including both temporary and permanent uses, are fully addressed through easements, acquisitions, etc. The Region ROW Manager will advise the Project Manager (PM) regarding ROW procedures that project needs to follow and will provide assistance as needed. Much of the actual agreements and easements/acquisitions/condemnations will be handled by the ROW Manager and ROW staff, but the PM is responsible to provide project information including scope, schedule, and any changes that may occur, to inform the efforts. ROW actions need to be incorporated in the plans and schedule, and a ROW Plan Review meeting will be held with applicable parties, before any easements or acquisitions are undertaken. The ROW phase must be authorized before costs can be incurred for ROW work.

Red flags:

Changes to project Scope that impact ROW needs near the FOR milestone will likely delay the ROW clearance.