When is this applicable for your project?

Any project scope that includes a new or modification/maintenance of a structure (bridges, culverts, walls, signals, sign structures, buildings, etc.) or needs structural review requires involvement and coordination with Staff Bridge (HQ). Staff Bridge contacts are listed on the Bridge Web Page. Most projects with bridge elements require FHWA oversight

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What are the Roles and Responsibilities in this arena?

Much of the actual site investigations, deliverables, and analysis needed to incorporate any structures in the project scope will be done by the Project Structural Engineer* (PSE) and Staff Bridge, but the Project Manager (PM) is responsible for coordinating scope, schedule, and changes with them. The PM also needs to supply the PSE with necessary project information to help focus the investigations and structural reports, including preliminary geometric layout, vertical profiles, cross-sections, the topography of the area, ROW restrictions, existing utilities, region and local design recommendations, any corridor aesthetic concepts, and other applicable preliminary data. Accelerated Bridge Construction methodologies must also be evaluated when a bridge is part of the project scope; evaluation software can be found on their website. The PM will also coordinate borings and geotechnical study are needed, request them from the Geotechnical Program Manager, and arrange access and traffic control for those. The PSE will then review all the data and generate preliminary structure layouts including a culvert and a bridge design when applicable, structure selection reports, give recommendations on bridge rail work and structure resurfacing when applicable, and final structural submittals. The PM is responsible for determining appropriate vertical clearance for all phases and detours of the project, and any foreseeable future work

 Red Flags:

If Staff Bridge is not contacted early in scoping when Structures are included in the project scope.