Completing the Scoping Milestone


The Design Scoping Review Meeting is part of the scoping milestone, but completion of the milestone also includes endorsement of the Project Delivery Plan (PDP) by management and the project team.

PDP endorsement indicates:  

  • a mutual understanding of what is to be completed and by whom, and
  • a commitment by management and individual team members agreeing to the who, what, when, and for how much.

 Endorsement indicates agreement with:

  • The project scope, schedule, and cost estimate
  • Expectations including roles and responsibilities
  • Commitment of resources to accomplish scope, within schedule
  • Project specific processes that will identify and manage risk, change and quality measures
  • The plan for communicating with internal and external stakeholders

Management and team members who have been engaged in the development of the PDP are much more likely to be comfortable with endorsing the PDP. If someone is not comfortable with endorsing, the PM should pause, listen to the concerns, and modify the PDP as appropriate.