Quality Management

Quality Management is the process that the Project Manager and project team will use to help ensure that designs, plan sheets, specifications, deliverables, etc. meet quality requirements.

Quality planning prevents unnecessary rework and costs, and saves time by:

  • Ensuring accuracy and eliminating errors and the need for rework;
  • Ensuring consistency and compliance with standards;
  • Ensuring interdisciplinary coordination;
  • Ensuring safe construction for the traveling public; and
  • Reducing risks during construction.

Quality Management Planning defines the process for implementing quality practices.  It consists of a short narrative that describes the general approach that the team will use for key deliverables including:

  • Reports - Prior to draft and final submittals
  • Calculations - Prior to incorporation into plans or reports
  • Plans & Specs - Prior to major milestones - FIR, FOR, Final Plans*

  The Quality Plan also includes a Quality Matrix that identifies:

  • Deliverables to be reviewed
  • Assignment of responsibilities for reviewing and confirming reviews for each deliverable
  • The timing for each review (prior to submittal, key milestones, etc.)
  • The type of Quality review(s) for each deliverable, including:
    • Interdisciplinary
    • Constructability and Biddability
    • Technical Review
    • Policy Review
    • Design Review
    • Detailed Check