Roles & Responsibilities


The Roles & Responsibilities plan identifies who is on the team and in general terms, their contribution to completing the project. It also documents the decision-making hierarchy for the project.

Roles & Responsibilities

The PM will document the Project Team, Management Team, and key stakeholders in the Contact List/Roles and Responsibilities matrix.  The PM should work with the Resident Engineer to identify relevant disciplines needed to deliver the project, and document the role for each, in the matrix. The PM will need to consult with each specialty unit manager to identify the point of contact and the scope of work. The second worksheet in the "Contact List Roles and Responsibilities" file is the Management Team & External Stakeholders Matrix which documents the decision-making hierarchy for the project. 

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The Project Manager’s role at CDOT is often combined with the role of a lead designer, such as Roadway, but keep in mind that these are two distinct roles.  Unfortunately, this dual-role can present some challenges to time-management. 

 Getting team members involved early in project scoping and decision-making is beneficial because it brings the right expertise to the process.  Ultimately, team members will be asked to endorse the PDP when it is complete. Engaged team members will share ownership and be more willing to agree with the plan, and most importantly, likely to follow through on commitments.

Remember, if there is a change in personnel or scope during project execution, Roles and Responsibilities may need to be revisited.