Transition to Construction Plan

The Transition to Construction Plan is the strategy for completing/closing all preconstruction activities and handing over the project to the Project Engineer.  The Transition to Construction Plan ensures that:

  • Project information is communicated to the Construction Project Engineer
  • Important project documents are archived
  • Best Practices (lessons learned) are captured
  • Closeout activities are completed

The transition of project management duties from the Design PM to the Construction Project Engineer begins when a project has been advertised and is complete when a project has been awarded. Planning for transition begins with project kickoff.

The Transition to Construction Plan consists of narrative addressing:

1. Important project information that the PM will provide to the Project Engineer.  A best practice is to hold a transition meeting with the Project Engineer.  Information to be communicated includes:

  • Open issues from preconstruction
  • Up-to-date logs
    • Actions-Issues-Decision & Changes log (AID-C Log)
    • Communication Log
    • Risk worksheet, etc.
  • Outstanding commitments
    • Stakeholders
    • Local agencies, etc.
    • Environmental commitments & permit requirements
    • Availability of design support during construction

 2. A list of items to be closed

  • Ensure proper closeout of financial transactions, contracts, contractor evaluations, etc.
  • Identify timelines and procedures

3. Plan for documenting best practices - describe activities to document capturing best practices. Best practices should be a standing agenda item at project status meetings.

4. Plan for acknowledging/recognizing team members.

5. Plan for archiving project records - identify the protocol to be used in archiving project records. Per Procedural Directive 21.1CDOT requires records to be created and retained in electronic format. The Procedural Directive provides details regarding what, where, when, and which documents are to be archived. Project Managers must be familiar with and adhere to these rules.