Transition to Construction

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Transition to Construction is the process of completing/closing all preconstruction activities and handing over the project to the Project Engineer


During the Transition to Construction process:

  • The PM’s responsibilities begin to diminish but he/she oversees “Revisions under AD,” supports the Construction Project Engineer to respond to questions from potential bidders, attends pre-bid conferences, etc. Continued PM involvement in the construction phase is beneficial to the project
  • The Construction Project Engineer’s responsibilities are increasing; i.e., he/she organizes job showings for prospective bidders, responds to questions, and begins to organize the construction phase of the project

 Follow the Transition Plan and:

    • Hold a project transition meeting with the Project Construction Engineer and share important project information including stakeholders, commitments, open issues and risks, etc.
    • Remind staff to stop charging to the project and close WBS accounts as applicable
    • Hold a Project Team Closeout Meeting to:
      • Ask Team Members to make sure project documents are archived
      • Compile best practices (captured throughout the project)
      • Recognize Team Members
    • Remember to evaluate consultants (CMS)
    • Follow the requirements and process for electronically sealing the engineering plans (record set with any revisions) as detailed in Procedural Directive 508.1