Region 4

Congratulations, TM-II Promotions

It is with great pleasure that we announce our newest TM-II promotee's, Steven Intermill and Matthew Daigle in the Paul Area. 

Steve and Matthew bring a wealth of knowledge to their new positions as proven in their interviews. Intermill Steve.jpg

Steven has been with the department for 25 years now and looks forward to his new challenge that begins on June 2, 2020. 

Daigle, Matthew.jpg
Matthew is also eager to take on the responsibilities of a TM-II and will begin on June 2, 2020.  Matthew has been with the department for just under 6 years. 

Please congratulate them both the next time you virtually see them.

Rabid bats found near pets in Lafayette and Longmont

Keep pets away from wildlife and up-to-date on vaccinations. For more information click below.

Media Advisory re: Rabid Bats Found in Lafayette and Longmont

Region 4 Thursday Coffee Break!

Coffee breakl .pngThe Interchange Committee will be testing out a new concept for a virtual Coffee break!

Beginning Thursday, June 4, at 10:00 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. You can join your R4 friends and chat about your “Daily Grind!”

Each week on Thursday, we will pick a topic of different interest that you can discuss, vent, share ideas and have some laughs! Hope to see you there!

(Go to the Region News4You site if you don't see the R4 Coffee Break on your calendar) 

Maintenance New Hires, Promotions & Transfers as of 5/4/2020: 

Jason Kugler -  TM III -  Sterling Patrol 52/Paul area - Effective 05/26/2020

From RTD Heather Paddock 5/22/2020

This week's video message from RTD Paddock is a little longer (about 16 minutes) but there is some updated budget information from the most recent Transportation Commission, talk about rumors heard around the region and some good news about some RLT members. Here is Heather's message ... 

RTD Paddock Video Chat 5/22/2020 
And here are some links that she mentions: 

Finally, save the date: Join the Woman of Asphalt - Colorado for their Virtual Spring Mixer on June 4 from 6 to 7:30pm.  Link to this event will be announced soon. 

Put your mixology skills to work and create a signature cocktail for the Women of Asphalt - Colorado, from the comfort of your own home. Bring it to our virtual Happy Hour on June 4 at 6pm, where you can tell us about it and be seen drinking it, so make sure it’s good!  We’ll vote for the best one and award the winner a WofA-C T shirt! Everyone is welcome!

Region 4: Good news Wednesday?!? You heard it right

We are switching things up here a little bit this week. Normally we run our good news stuff on Friday and have a video message from RTD Heather Paddock on Wednesday. 

But this week, Heather wanted to give everyone a bit of a budget update following the Transportation Committee meetings this week, so we will send that out on Friday. 

So, for our good news this week, we want to remind everyone to send in their pictures of their graduates for our graduate gallery. We had several people send theirs in this week. They will be added to the gallery next week because Jared is in charge of things with News4You this week and he doesn't really know how to do all the cool stuff Sara normally does. But send in pics to [email protected]
Graduation Photo Gallery

This week's Meet Your Neighbor is someone most people in Region 4 know, Tim Willoughby from the Storeroom. We promised to make it shorter this week and we actually made it! Check it out here Meet Your Neighbor: Tim Willoughby Video 

Before we hung up the call, though, Tim shared the following quote which I think fits in with our Good News segment (including Good Humor): 

"It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.” ... From A Christmas Carol  

Finally want to remind everyone that you can still submit your You ROCK recognition here...  Submit a "You ROCK!"

We have had a few more submissions this week that will be posted next week (same reason as listed above), but here is one of the recent ones ...
You Rock!
Jim Bradshaw and Mark Sitzman were recognized by Greg Locke, saying...

Both guys have stepped up and into TM2 rolls during this split shift 7 day schedule and patrols have not missed a beat, can be counted on to do the right thing.  
Have a happy and safe Wednesday! 
Your News4You news team (minus the person who knows how to do most of it)

From RTD Paddock: Happy Graduation (and other celebrations) Friday!

Yes, this is the beginning of graduation season and I know this year is going to look a lot different for a lot of our graduates (and especially for the parents!). While it is easy to focus on the things we are missing out on this year, I want to make sure we all celebrate the journey it took your graduates (and those who helped them get there!). 
Please keep sending in photos of your graduates and we will add them to the graduation gallery. (Send to [email protected])
CDOT family who have submitted pictures of their grads so far:
Brian Varrella
Margo Kugler
Sara Kinnison
Jared FIel
Kalli Wegren
Matt Salvador

Speaking of celebrating, HQ put together the attached poster of the AMAZING numbers CDOT compiled in Maintenance this year for our Snow and Ice response. Please take a moment to check it out and offer a huge kudo to our Maintenance team for their efforts in keeping all of us safe. 

And finally on this celebration Friday, I want to remind everyone to continue to submit your Subit a "You ROCK!" 
Here are the ones we have received recently: 

All John Area Patrols 14, 16, 17, 20, 23, 24 & 25 were recognized by a peer, saying ...
I want to recognize all members of the John Area for staying flexible and working on a modified schedule for the last few weeks. The patrols are providing coverage 7 days a week while doing everything possible to stay safe and healthy.
Priya Kumar with HQ Human Resources was recognized by Josie Langhorst, saying ...
Priya went above and beyond on a Friday evening to make sure an offer letter went out to our selected candidate for an I-25 recruitment we've been working on for some time now. She understood the importance of keeping us on schedule with this recruitment, and we applaud her for her unparalleled dedication to the job. THANK YOU, PRIYA!
TM-III, Jesse Ross, TM-II, Bryan Nigey, TM-I, Matt Sterns, TM-II, Jermey Beumer and TM-I's Tom Harvey, and Ryan Wakeley from PT's 15 & 5 were recognized by Keith Wakefield, saying ... 
CDOT Maintenance quickly responded to a crash on I-25 at SH 56 on 5/4/2020 that damaged 96 feet of bridge rail. The crew listed above coordinated with the I-25 Segment 5 and 6 project team to work alongside the Contractor's crews to remove damaged bridge rail so the I-25 contractor could set barriers in less than 2 hours after the accident to reopen the SH 56 interchange in a timely manner.  

I hope everyone gets to celebrate in some way this weekend. Be safe and enjoy,

Meet Your Neighbor: Stacy DeWitt

Meet Your Neighbor is a weekly feature that highlights one of your fellow employees. This feature is brought to you by the R4 Interchange Committee as a way to help people know more about the folks they work with every day. This week, Jared Fiel would like you to meet Stacy DeWitt. 

RTD Paddock with guests Bryan Schafer & Chris Ukowich

Bryan Schafer talking about fiscal year end planning (documents below with details) and Chris Ukowich answering a questions submitted from the region. 

Fiscal Year End Dates and Information:

Business Office FY 2020 Year End Dates         FY 2020 Year End Article

From RTD Paddock: Stay the Course

I wanted to take this time to remind everyone of a few things 1) this is the last week for open enrollment and 2) we have a marathon ahead.  I am reminded daily that coronavirus is something we are going to be living with for quite some time. I’m bringing this to your attention as a reminder to stay the course as our economy begins to re-open.  I think it is great that people are getting back to work. The difference is we are not out of the woods and we have to take those extra steps to ensure those businesses can stay open under the “Safer at Home” order.  If you have questions as to what that means to you or what that means to you in the CDOT workplace please read here:  CDOT Safer at Home Guidance

As mentioned before, CDOT has been working from the beginning and what we are doing is a success story which is why we are going to continue to do what we are doing. 

Reminder please send in your graduation pictures from Kindergarten to College we want to share your milestone with you and your family.  These are big accomplishments especially for those parents who are wearing your work hat, parent hat AND teacher hat.  You too deserve the kudos for reaching the milestone. (Thank goodness) 
Graduation Photo Gallery
Also send in your questions so I can answer them on Wednesdays video chat.  COVID hits us all differently and at different times, if you’ve got ideas to keep us connected please share on:

  Submit a Rant, Rave or Request

From RTD Paddock: Happy Friday and Public Service Recognition Week

This week is Public Service Recognition Week. It looks a lot different than any other one we have ever celebrated, but in some ways I think this week is probably the clearest the public has ever seen us. 

Each one of us is committed to serving the public. We have seen it in floods, in avalanches, in the heat of the summer and in blizzards. But this year we are seeing what it truly means to serve the public. While a lot of people are staying in, our people (even if they are at home) are working every day to improve the lives of all of the people in Colorado. And I want to take this time to thank each of you for those efforts. 

As part of Public Service Recognition Week, the regular Meet Your Neighbor interview is with the active person in Region 4 with the longest tenure in public service. See Regional Communications Manager Jared Fiel introduce you to someone most of us know, but to hear a few things you may know: 
Meet Your Neighbor: Mark Guerrero Video
While celebrating the impact we public servants have on our community, I also want to recognize the celebrations that are also going to be looking quite different this year: Graduations. 

As a parent, I totally understand that graduations are not just about the person graduating but also about the family support system that helped them achieve this impressive feat. I know there are a lot of parents, grandparents and others who planned on being in person to help their loved one celebrate their big day. 

So, as part of a way to help share those celebrations, we want to invite all Region 4 employees to send in pictures of their graduates (high school, college, middle school, or whatever) to [email protected]. We will put together a gallery of all of them to help you celebrate. 

And to all the relatives and friends of graduates this year, I just want to add my personal note of congratulations. This is easily the strangest way to end this part of your academic lives, but you reached this point through hard work, creativity and being able to roll with whatever life throws at you. That is truly something to celebrate. 

Have a great weekend and remember your sunscreen, 

RTD Paddock Answering your questions on video!

Check out the Region 4 Stand-up (sit down) meeting for this month which includes Achievement of the Month announcements, questions from the region and an update from Safety. 

Below are some of the links Chris mentions in the video:

From RTD Paddock: Safety topic… apply your sunscreen AND best practices!

Happy Monday, everyone. Hope you all got to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather we have had. I enjoyed it a little too much. Desperate to peel off the layers from the long winter, race outside and soak in the Vitamin D… I should have paused and remembered the best practice, paid attention to my knowledge and experience and listened to my screaming skin.  Unfortunately I did not, so let the anger of my RED back be your safety moment today and lesson learned.  Proper PPE for yard work includes: tools for the job, gloves, eye protection (sunglasses), water and most importantly sunscreen

Since I just shared what not to do, I’d like to share with you people who are doing it right. This is a best practice from our maintenance staff (Jason Kugler (TM-II), Actor, and Bart Bollers (TM-I) Director and Film crew ... out of the New Raymer Patrol) taking the extra steps to keep us safe. Assuming you are sitting, this would be a great time to stand up and move your legs while you watch and dance to the video.

Best Practices Paul Area Truck Sanitizing 

Virtual Video image.jpgUnder our original pre-COVID schedule, we would normally have had our monthly stand-up meeting tomorrow. We are cancelling that, but we will have a virtual video formal for you on Wednesday.

In preparation for that, if you have any questions you would like to ask Heather Paddock, Safety Office Chris Ukowich or Civil Rights Manager Juliet Sheets, please send them ASAP to [email protected]

 Couple quick items: 


Finally, we will be hearing about the Achievement of the Month in Wednesday's videos, but I wanted to make sure you saw these You Rocks that were recently posted on the R4 site: https://www.codot.gov/employee-communications/region4  CDOT Regioin 4 Site

Recent You Rocks: 
TM-I, Marie Daniel from PT 70, Arriba, was  recognized by Greg Vernie, saying...

Daily strong dedication and ownership at the Arriba Rest Area.  Marie has altered her home scheduling to make sure the Rest Area continues to run smoothly.  She always represents CDOT with a very high level of professionalism. 


TM-I, Russell Pilgrim from PT 70, Arriba was  recognized by Greg Vernie, saying...

Russell always displays a very high level of work ethic and professionalism.  Russell goes the extra mile to not only make sure Folks who visit Arriba have a pleasant experience, but he is always on the lookout for ways to improve it.  Russell represents CDOT with a great deal of pride. 


Region 4, RTD, Heather Paddock was recognized by a peer, saying...

Thank you, RTD Paddock, for your tremendous leadership while we navigate through this unusual time. You have a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders, and yet, you make sure to keep us informed with your daily emails. You are a leader beyond your years and Region 4 is fortunate to have your guidance and support! 


TM-II, Eric Hoyda & TM-I, Scott Winslow from PT 43, Joes, were recognized by a peer, saying...

Scott and Eric have been working with just two of them on their patrol and have not missed a beat with their quality and quantity levels, and neither have complained at all.  


EO-III, Lonnie Kipple from PT 27, Brush, was recognized by a peer saying...

Lonny did an amazing job with the Region 4 track hoe to repair roadside washouts so an adjoining landowner could place his bulls back in the pasture. 


TM-II, Paul Guajardo & TM-I Danny Newlon from PT 8, Lyons, were recognized by Andrew Doel, saying...

Thank you Paul and Danny for staying late after a long day and assisting in the removal of the wrecked wing in the cold temperatures. 

You guys showed you are real team players.  You guys Rock! 


TM-II, Chris Turnbull,  and TM-I's Mark Sitzman, Herman Ybarra, Colton Zimbelman, Alfred Sierra, Ignacio Jara, & Angel Mancha, all from PT 25, Greeley E. yard,

were recognized by a peer, saying...

Thank you for working on a Sunday morning to fix spaghetti junction potholes at 85 and 34.   

Cancellation of Helping Hand Golf Tournament! 

logo.JPGAt this time, I'm sorry to say that we will have to cancel the Helping Hand golf tournament for this year.  I just couldn't do it safely and our health and safety are more important than the raising of money to me.

We were all looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying the day but it is just not going to work out this year logistically.  Trying to get enough carts for each person didn't work and I don't think it is safe to put two people in a cart at this time and I don't know what things will look like in a month.  We thought about moving it to the fall but the dates were falling in line with the CAPA Tournament and the tournament that the Employee Council does and I don't want to hurt those tournaments if they happen. 

If you have given us a check already they will be returned and if you have paid by credit card I will be sending you a check. 

Thank you so much for your support over the years and we are looking forward to seeing you next year -- June 5, 2021

If you have any questions please contact Nikki Upright [email protected] or 970-302-4059                     

May 2020 Healthy Perspectives Digest

We hope you all are doing well.

May digest content includes:

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Sugarless Sweets and Condiments Worth Spreading
  • Arthritis and Self-Care For Your Spirit
  • Spending and Saving

Some good news to share is that the 2021 Wellness Calendars are ready. We all need happier days to look forward to! Pricing is attached and a link to a sample is below:

2021 Wellness Calenadars

I'd love to hear your feedback. I can tell you that working on this calendar has me feeling more optimistic for better days to come. 

Maintenance New Hires, Promotions & Transfers as of 5/4/2020: 

Welcome to CDOT! 
Rex Meredith -  TM I -  Sterling East Patrol 52/Paul area - Effective 04/28/2020

William Gillette - TM I - Punkin Center Patrol 11/George Area  - Effective 04/28/2020

Donald Nielson - TM I - Boulder Patrol 10/Lincoln Area - Effective 04/28/2020

From RTD Paddock: Another HAPPY Friday!

I loved talking about good news and happy thoughts last Friday, so we are keeping it up this week. 

First, I want to share the second installment of Meet Your Neighbor where Civil Rights Manager Juliet Sheets talks with TMIII David Mansanares. I love seeing these short videos and getting to know more of you, virtually.

 Meet Your Neighbor: David Mansanares Video

Second, while it started with toilet paper (for some reason) and cleaning supplies, the
No. 1 thing we are all missing has changed a little recently. I am hearing from more
people who are complaining about not getting their regular hair cuts. 

We have already had a few folks sending in their "I need a haircut" pics so we decided
we need to see more. Send your pics in now, to [email protected].
Here is one we just got in from Jon Glover, TM-III for the John area and Regional
Communications Manager Jared Fiel.
Jon Glover hair.jpeg

Jared Fiel hair.jpg

RTD Paddock: Answering your questions on video!

Check out today's video from RTD Heather Paddock. Here she answers questions you have about some of the rumors circulating, changes in procedures and other things that were submitted. 
RTD Paddock Answered Your Questions Today 4/29/2020  
You can send any questions you would like Heather to address in future videos to [email protected]
And finally, passing on a funny from Region 3 so we can all play along on our next conference video chat ...
April 2020 Necessary cartoon - video call bingo.jpg

What's on your mind? 

RTD Heather Paddock wants to know what questions you might have about what's going on in the region and with CDOT. COVID? Budget? What does she drink on her virtual Happy Hours?
Send your questions to [email protected] and she will answer a bunch of questions in tomorrow's video message.

We Want to Hear From You. Take the survey before Friday, May 1

Employee Engagement Survey Link
Region 4 responses are lagging! Please take a moment and complete the Employee Engagement Survey. We want to know what is working well, what isn't and what you need to improve your ability to do your job during these times of unprecedented change. With your input we can better understand what we are doing and what we need to do in order to perform to the best of our ability while maintaining our collective health and keeping our vital transportation systems functioning at an optimal level.

From RTD Paddock: Who is Rockin' this Monday?

Have you looked at the forecast this week?  We may have missed Spring and jumped straight to Summer. I hope you all can find a few moments to get out and catch some of that great Colorado sunshine as well as receive your daily dose of fresh air and Vitamin D.  Remember exercise is great for your physical, emotional and mental health ... which is much needed at this time. As we enter into week 7 of these social distancing protocols, it is so important to take care of YOU. 

As the rest of the State slowly moves toward “Safer at Home” environment, at CDOT, we will continue to do more of the same … great work from our home, from the field or from our adjusted shift schedules in our patrols.  As I’ve mentioned before, CDOT has been the example for how work can continue while still following all of the public health safety protocols.  For many of us, we are eager to see each other. When the time is right, you will be able to. In the meantime, keep up the good work. I am continually reminded of the amazing people at CDOT and the incredible job you all do all the time. I’d like to highlight some of those You Rock individuals.

Joel McCracken was recognized by Jeff Dollerschell, saying... 

Storm drainage re-design on the Sterling S-Curve. During the installation of the new
drainage system, test results indicated contaminated groundwater. Joel quickly
redesigned the main trunk line raising it above the groundwater. His quick action saved
the State thousands of dollars in remediation, delays, and design costs. Having
Construction Engineers that are also great designers is a huge benefit. Thanks Joel!

Steve Pineiro, Matt McVay and Keith Henneke were recognized by a peer, saying...

Steve, Matt, and Keith provided essential fabrication work to keep a current construction project moving and on schedule... all on short notice! Without their efforts, the project would have experienced a significant delay and a cost to CDOT. 

The project team is VERY appreciative of their work, their willingness to help, and their talents to enable this to happen. Thank you all!

Tim Miles and the Leadership team were recognized by a peer saying...

I want to recognize them for having the vision during this incumbent time to change certain essential personnel's work schedule to an alternating 4/10 schedule with shifted schedules. Thus increasing the coverage from 40 hours to 50 hours while decreasing the exposure time between the work force.

Kimela Page was recognized by Collette Mullins, saying...

She was able to find a document on my desk and scan it to me so I was able to verify the accuracy of Waste Management invoices while I was working remotely. 

We have been continuing the "You Rock!" program and we have seen plenty of good recognitions so far. If you would like to recognize someone, click below and fill out a simple form. 
Submit a "You ROCK!"
We will continue to post the You Rock! recognitions on the new (no-VPN-needed) R4 site. https://www.codot.gov/employee-communications/region4  

Hope you have a great week, Heather.

Platteville Catalog & DZ-7 Disinfectant

Platteville can offer you DZ-7 disinfectant, bottle, triggers, nitrile gloves, wyall rags. (wear gloves & glasses to apply DZ-7)   

Because of COVID, Platteville is waiting on many disinfectants, wipes, gels, foams from vendors to fulfil our back orders and deliver to R4.   
  • Check with Justin Decker who is helping the "Engineers" at R4 HQ.   
  • Buy with a p-card if you find items locally. 
  • Make reservations in MB21.  (watch for e-mail to you and your Supervisor)  
  • Have your immediate Supervisor "approve" your reservation in the workplace inbox.

Thank you for waiting.  Contact the Storeroom if you have any questions 970-737-1370

From RTD Paddock: Happy Friday!

We have always said "Happy Friday," and the message today is HAPPY.  We get plenty of bad news all the time, so I want to talk about the good stuff. 

First, just a reminder, be sure to do your Open Enrollment! Mid-May is coming fast. Why is that good news? Well, our benefits are just one of the reasons we all work at the CDOT and this is an important year because everyone must pick their option. 

Second, the R4 Interchange Committee is continuing to meet and they are continuing to find innovative ways to keep us connected with a solid work-life balance. A few months ago, the committee started a bi-weekly column in News4You called Meet Your Neighbor where they interviewed different people around the region. Well, they have stepped up their game and have now made Meet Your Neighbor a video! Check out this week's Meet Your Neighbor with Civil Rights Manager Juliet Sheets talking to Deputy Maintenance Superintendent Tom Aguilar: Meet Your Neighbor: Tom Aguilar
Third, is YOU! I was shared this video from John Lorme our new Director of Maintenance.  Michigan DOT put this together and I think it highlights (in 2mins) Why our work is essential and critical, even while people are still at home.

Lastly, you have sent in lots of pictures in the last few weeks (and keep sending them to [email protected]!) and Sara Kinnison has been posting them in various galleries on the new (no VPN needed) R4 site https://www.codot.gov/employee-communications/region4

Galleries include:

I’d like to highlight my favorite pictures I saw this week (no offense to the rest of you who looked awesome in your orange). We received good news recently that Gina Fox from the R4 Central Program - Design Unit, and her husband, Sean, welcomed Hurley Odin Fox to the world on April 13. He was 8 lbs. 9 oz., 21.5" and the whole family is doing great as you can see below. 

Hope you had a great weekend, Heather

CDOT Workers Lost in the Line of Duty. We Will Never Forget!

Congratulations to Gina Fox and Family

Hurley.jpgFox kids.jpgGina and Sean Fox welcomed
Hurley Odin Fox,
8 lbs. 9 oz., 21.5" on
April 13, 2020.
All of them are doing great.  

R4 Video Message from Heather Paddock & Corey Stewart

So, today's video message (just under 12 minutes) from Heather also involves a visit from Corey Stewart, talking about the progress being made on North I-25 in case you haven't (and hopefully you haven't) been on I-25 lately. 

They also talk about Work Zone Safety Awareness Week (wear your orange and send in a picture to News4You wherever you are showing off your orange). 
Remember Open Enrollment for benefits is mandatory to do this year and is open until mid-May, but you should get in there early! 
And, finally, hopefully you all saw the message from Beth about the sad passing of our friend and co-worker Jim Hoffman. Reminder on this part: 

Due to social gathering restrictions, a virtual dedication is planned for Jim at 3 p.m. 

Virtual Memorial for Jim Hoffman: April 25, 2020 

James Hoffman.PNGJames Leslie Hoffman Jan. 12, 1962~April 15, 2020

James Leslie Hoffman “Jim” of Greeley passed away on April 15, 2020, at the Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins. He was 58 years of age. His brother Tom was with him when he passed.

Jim is originally from Florida and Pennsylvania and had lived in Colorado for the past 29 years.

He is survived by his brothers, Thomas and Lawrence (Yuko); nephew, Nicholas; and father, Leslie.

Jim was a retired employee of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and continued to work on civil projects as a consultant for Rocksol after retirement. He received his civil engineering degree from the University of South Florida, and was a registered professional Civil Engineer in Colorado. He lived in Greeley for most of his career and adult life.

Professionally, Jim enjoyed working on civil projects, collaborating with colleagues, and rising to Project Manager level. Several roads and bridges in the Greeley and Fort Collins areas were constructed under Jim’s direction.

Personally, Jim had a large network of friends whom he interacted with daily. Jim loved music, was an accomplished musician, and played in a local band.

Due to social gathering restrictions, a virtual dedication is planned for Jim at 3 p.m. Saturday (MST), April 25, 2020, and to follow with a celebration of life service at a later time.

Please visit http://www.allnuttgreeley.com to send condolences to the family.

Congratulations Steve Pineiro!

Steve Pineiro.jpgThe American Welding Society Colorado Section has recognized Steve Pineiro as Certified Welding Inspector and Private Instructor of the year for his welding program partnership with Warren / Tech and Red Rocks Community College. 

This program certifies and recertifies on average about 60 statewide maintenance employees annually at an estimated cost savings of $45 thousand annually.  The program was put in place through the superintendents in response to a need to certify and maintain certifications for employees requiring welding certifications. 

Steve along with Warren Tech Instructor Tom Kienbaum developed the curriculum for Steve to deliver to our maintenance employees.  The welding certification program has been and continues to be a huge success for Maintenance and the Department.  The American Welding Society Colorado Section presented Steve with the awards during a private ceremony this past weekend.  This is a great example of a highly successful partnership with Steve and Tom Kienbaum forging the path for quality education and training for CDOT Maintenance employees. 

From RTD Paddock: What are you doing to stay sane and connected in the unprecedented times? 

I hope everyone is having a good Monday and had an enjoyable weekend. After all that snow, it's nice to see Colorado's awesome sunny days. For me the changing of the season brings new beginnings, warmer weather and optimism.  I am confident this too shall pass and we will all be able to get back to doing all things we love, living in a state and in a country surrounded by beauty and opportunity. 

In the meantime, continue to reach out to those who put a smile on your face and know they are right there with you. And for all you parents out there, who picked degrees or careers in something other than education, know you are not alone…we are all struggling with keeping up the day job, while making learning a priority, and praying their developing brains don’t implode due to over stimulated screen time. 

We received quite a few responses to our request for work site photos. We have a gallery of them up on the new R4 site here:  What is Keeping "YOU" Sane?  

I am still very interested in what you are all doing to entertain your brains and bodies during these strange times. Send in your pictures to [email protected]

Click on the button above to see some of my pictures of what's keeping me sane these days.

From RTD Heather Paddock:

I have just a few quick housekeeping things and then I want to share a message from Civil Rights Manager Juliet Sheets.

  1. Next week is National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week. You will be seeing lots about it from HQ, but I want to see everyone wearing their best orange attire on Wednesday. Send pictures of your orange to [email protected] and we will get a gallery up soon.

  2. Speaking of galleries, keep sending in your work site pictures and pictures of what you are doing to keep sane. We will be posting those galleries on Monday.

  3. For Work Zone Safety Week, you can add a new frame to your Facebook profile for the week. Here is how: Add the Work Zone Safety Awareness frame to your Facebook profile photo. 

                    1. Hover over your profile image, click on “Update”  
                    2. Click on “Add Frame” 
                    3. Search for “Work Zone Safety Awareness”  

4. Choose the CDOT version

    • We have added links for You Rock! and Rants, Raves and Requests to the new R4 (non-VPN) site. Just click on them and they will work like normal as long as you are signed into your work email. https://www.codot.gov/employee-communications/region4
    • And, finally, I want to share this awesome article from Juliet. Have a great week!

    From Civil Rights Manager Juliet Sheets: The Need to Lead ... 

    Hello Team CDOT! As many of you may have felt lately, I have a great deal of pride working for the State of Colorado with all of you. We have shown resilience and fortitude through these trying times and I could not be prouder of the work we have done and continue to do. This week has brought some additional light on this crisis, learning that this may be a longer challenge than first anticipated - so now comes the Need to Lead. 

    Today, I was on a call with our Interchange Group here in Region 4, our discussions surrounded around what we can do to help anyone who is struggling in these uncertain times. My mind continued to wander after the call thinking about what has helped me to stay focused, feel more secure and ultimately do my best work for CDOT. For me, it has been the simple things like getting a text from an employee in the field checking in, having an employee send me a thank you note for a job well done, and being part of the solution for regional issues.  All of these small things have made a difference for me and they began with a simple action, leading. 

    I realize many of you may believe that leading means making earth shattering decisions or supervising entire patrols with laden lists of to-do items. I believe leading can take many forms and often it is the smallest acts of detail that can matter to your co-worker or customer. Thanking someone for doing a job well done or even just calling or texting a fellow employee to see how he or she is doing is a form of leading. Sending someone a “You Rock” or nominating them through your supervisor for Achievement of the Month are also all forms of leading. Right now, we need more leading. 

    Unfortunately, none of us are exempt from this situation, the quarantining and our quandary. We have all taken on some form of challenge in our work and personal life. Knowing many of you personally, I know you want to do everything you can to help your fellow CDOT employees get through this tough time as easily as possible. So let’s do it, starting today, let’s be creative, share your ideas and reach out to others. Start today by doing something that helps us all work though this challenge a little easier. So today, speak up on that call, reach out to your co-worker and check on them. Let’s start with the little things and we will all get through this with a little more energy and enthusiasm. We can do this Region 4. 

    Thank you Team CDOT for all you do.

    Juliet Sheets

    Passing of CDOT Friend & Retiree James Hoffman

    HoffmanJames.jpgIt is appreciated that we have been permitted by his brother to share the difficult news of the passing of James "Jim" Hoffman late Wednesday, April 15th at the age of 58. He had been in Poudre Hospital battling Non–Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
    Jim served the State of CO with Region 4 from June 1991 until November 2017. He was with the South and North Engineering Programs, and Central as a PE-I at the time of his retirement. In the years since, Jim was employed as a consultant, and was with Rocksol.
    Jim is remembered as the go-to Bridge Construction Manager; he was the PE for the Mulberry Bridge over the Poudre, Crossroads Bridge on I-25, US 85 Bridge over UPRR  north of Nunn, and was the guy who helped get the autonomous Budweiser Truck through our work zones; he responded in the middle of the night to a project that wasn't his in order to get all traffic control devices removed so the truck could make it through our work zone seamlessly. He was instrumental early on in the Department's safety program and the introduction of InRoads.
    In looking over a note he provided back in 2017, Jim shared that his favorite memories included recognition for the Best R4 Project in 1999, and the time a concrete installer lost his phone on the job, but by calling it, they recovered it under a layer of concrete. Jim's least favorite memory - paperwork.
    Even though he was not a CDOT employee for the past two and one-half years, he worked alongside our people and with former R4 staff at Rocksol to continue serving Colorado through his passion for transportation. He will be remembered as a dear friend and great engineer. When there are details as to a memorial or the opportunity to provide condolences for his family, those will be shared.

    Maintenance New Hires, Promotions & Transfers as of 4/17/2020:

    Welcome to CDOT
    Kevin Curry- Winter Temp to a Permanent Position- TM I - Limon Patrol 41 /George Area - Effective 04-13-2020

    Jose Rocha- Winter Temp to a Permanent Position- TM I -Hudson Patrol 23/John Area - Effective 04-13-2020  

    You ROCK!

    Joel McCracken was recognized by Jeff Dollerschell, saying...

    Storm drainage re-design on the Sterling S-Curve. During the installation of the new drainage system, test results indicated contaminated groundwater. Joel quickly redesigned the main trunk line raising it above the groundwater. His quick action saved the State thousands of dollars in remediation, delays, and design costs. Having Construction Engineers that are also great designers is a huge benefit. Thanks Joel!

    RTD Paddock Video Greeting 4/15/2020

     RTD Heather Paddock's short video message for the week: 4/15/2020

    Here is a new video to help inform and guide employees on the new orange bandannas that were shipped (2-day shipping)  to your regional storerooms today 4/15/2020. 
    Heather mentioned in the video, we want pictures from your work sites showing good social distancing or the use of masks.

    We also want your pictures of what you are doing to keep your sanity during these crazy times (exercise, virtual happy hours, hobbies, etc).
    Send all pictures to [email protected]

    From RTD Paddock: Welcome to Week 5

    E-Learning Roundup... Required, Optional and more! 

    Many employees have asked about e-learning. Awesome! Here’s a roundup:

    E-Learning List

    Here is a great spreadsheet of useful e-learning you can complete online! Topics include NIMS; TCS; NHI; customer service; basic accounting and finance; and more. To add to this ever growing list, email [email protected].

    Transportation Engineering Training Program (TETP)

    Engineers, there’s a LOT of e-learning you. Get details on the TETP page on Learning Lane.

    Required E-Learning

    Here’s what’s required for you:

    Required for All Employees
    • Affirmative action
    • Active shooter prevention, response and safety
    • Ethics
    • Workplace violence prevention and response
    • Workplace harassment prevention and response
    • Intro to SAP Time Entry Monster Course
    • Cyber security (4 lessons and Acceptable Use Policy/quarter) - But you can complete this all now!

    Required for All Supervisors

    • What Makes a Great CDOT Supervisor
    • Supervisor Online Perfromance Management Process
    • Employment Law: Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Employment Law: Family Medical Leave
    • Employment Law: Fair Labor Standards Act
    • Employment Law: Worker's Compensation 
    • Employment Law: Civil Rights Legislation
    • Introduction to Purchasing

    Refer to the Supervisor Development Curriculum on Learning Lane for details.

    You can see what required e-learning you still need to take by following these steps:

    • Go to CDOT’s SAP LMS (interns/temps: Use this LMS link)
    • Log in with your SAP Portal user ID and password
    • All required e-Learning is listed on your My Learning page
    • To take an e-Learning, simply click Start


    Email [email protected]

    We are here to help you! In good health, CDOT Office of Employee Development (OED)

    From RTD Paddock: Enjoy the weekend, but we need to stay vigilant

    This is clearly going to be a different Easter weekend than any of us ever expected, but I really hope you all can touch base with your loved ones in some way this weekend. Those connections, even virtual ones, are huge for everyone right now. 

    While we are trying to keep our world connected right now and the news seems to see the height of the pandemic deaths in the US as coming this weekend. It is a horrific loss of life, but it is some sign of hope that we may be nearing the peak which means things can start getting better. 

    While this does give us some hope, we can't let up on the measures we have put in place to ensure this contagion slows down. The numbers clearly show that social distancing and the other preventative measures we have put in place have decidedly slowed the progress of this virus. 

    So, we need to maintain these measures. This virus is sweeping across like a weather storm pattern. CDOT is best at responding to storms, showing the resilience of the State and our ability to rebound quickly.  This storm is no different and the proactive planning allows us to rebound from this storm. Maintain your social distance, wear your masks, stay-at-home, wash your hands and sanitize. We all don’t need to hop into plow to do our part. 

    We want to get back to normal. We want to hug our friends. We want things to be the way they have always been. But to get there, we need to remain vigilant for a while longer. Have a great holiday weekend.   

    On a heartfelt note, Beth Carlberg would like to share some news about some of our former CDOT co-workers who have passed away. 

    Here is what Beth wrote: 
    With much appreciation to Tom Barnes for contacting me, Mary Ellen Broadwell has allowed us to share news of the passing of her husband and our CDOT friend, Jim Broadwell, just this morning. I do not have Jim's history with our Department readily available or notes of his family, so excuse that this note is not a complete representation of his service and dedication to the Region, Department and Colorado. 

    Jim will be remembered as a true, loving character. His humor and presence were a shining light. Jim had experienced a number of medical conditions and fought a great battle up until today. A formal service will not be held, but if you would like to send a note to Mary Ellen, her address is: 103 Didrikson Drive, New Bern, North Carolina 28560.


    Frank Villa.pngFrancisco "Frank" Villa, Sr., retired CDOT Maintenance employee, passed away on March 23 at the age of 75. He worked in Wiggins, Pruitt and retired from the Department out of the Greeley area after 23 years. I apologize that I do not have his State service information readily available yet. Funeral arrangements are pending. Condolences for his wife Patricia and family can be shared through www.marksfuneralservice.com in Windsor. 

    Preliminary news was also provided of the passing of Gareld "Jerry" Sisson on April 1st at the age of 84. Information will be shared to highlight his life and career soon. Jerry served in our Maintenance division and retired as the John Area Supervisor. As one of my supervisors, I will always remember him as such a good person, with a love of family, model trains, corny jokes, home fix-up projects before they were popular, and a kind soul. 

    Please keep the Broadwell, Sisson and Villa families in your positive thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. Be safe and stay in touch please.

    Stand up/Sit down video today with Heather Paddock: 

    Stand up/Sit down video with Heather Paddock 4/7/2020

    Region 4 RTD Heather Paddock wanted to give a quick clarification to her message from yesterdays Stand up/Sit down. Please click on the button below to watch:

    R4 Clarification Video from Heather Paddock

    Open Enrollment helpful links from Shawn Eberly: 

    Links for participating provider directory and what steps to take if a doctor is not listed:  You can see if your doctor is in Cigna’s network through their directory. If your doctor is not in the network then send an email to [email protected], and the State will work with our dedicated resources at Cigna to try to recruit your doctor. 

    From RTD Paddock: Short and sweet 4/6/2020

    I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather over the weekend and got some fresh air and exercise.  I will make today’s announcement short and sweet.  Tomorrow I will be hosting the first stand-up (sit-down) meeting.  I will be covering the usual topics, COVID updates, message from Safety and Katrina Kloberdanz will be providing us an update on the new Statewide Transportation Plan.  

    I hope everyone is getting settled into this new routine, social distancing and staying healthy.  This will be our new normal for the time being so make the most of the easy commute and/or no commute.  

    With your extra time today, maybe you can check out the Region 4 site at Region 4 Site which has some updated information from Helping Hand about the golf tournament and from the Wellness Committee about an upcoming Lunch-N-Learn. 

    Thank you all and be safe and wash your hands, 


    2020 Helping Hand Golf Tournament Information - logo.JPGJune 6th

    I know there are questions floating around as to whether we will have the Helping Hand Golf Tournament this year.  At this point, YES. 

    I spoke with the golf course over the weekend and they are still open.  The tournament is 2 months out and as we have seen a lot can change in a short amount of time.  With that said, it may get postponed until July or August but that will be a last minute decision.  Will the tournament look the same as regarding play, check in and such.  I don't know but I would think some things will probably change.  I will keep you posted. 

    In the meantime, get your team's spots reserved.  We have 11 teams playing at this point and I would love to have 36 teams.  Still looking for hole sponsor's too.
    We have 24 scholarship applicants this year.  The most we have ever had.  The scholarship committee is going to have some tough decisions.

    As a person with asthma our health and safety is of my top concern.  If I don't think we can hold the tournament safely I will move it.

    Check out our website at www.cdothelpinghand.org 

    If you have any questions please contact Nicki Upright at 970-302-4059 or [email protected]

    The Ducks Are BACK! Join the Race & Support Helping Hand - You May Win $450!

    The ducks are back and waiting for you. Don’t let us down! They’re so excited to get in the water and float to the finish line, but they need you to sponsor them! 

    Here’s what to do ...

    Sponsor a Duck for CDOT Helping Hand’s Fourth Annual Duck Race

    Ducks will swim Saturday, June 6, during the Helping Hand Golf Tournament.

    The duck race is open to ALL employees statewide. Friends, family … anyone can buy a duck and join the race.

    You Could Win Big!

    It’s just $10 per duck, and you could win big:
    Winner:          Prize:
    1st Place         $450
    2nd Place        $250
    3rd  Place        $100

    Remember, your donation will go to the Helping Hand charity, which supports CDOT employees in need. Winners will be contacted Monday, June 9, and will also be posted on the Helping Hand Facebook page.

    How to Sponsor: 
    Contact Nicki Upright at [email protected] or 970-350-2316 or Cassie Aymami at [email protected] or 303-757-9898.

    PayPal: [email protected]  also cash, check and credit cards are all accepted 

    Lunch-n-Learn on the "Benefits of Spice" Wed. April 8, 2020

    Spices.jpgAdelle Rogers will be presenting from 12-12:30 p.m. and will take questions from 12:30-1:00 p.m.

    Click on the button below to join the Zoom Meeting:

    Click here to join the meeting

    Meeting ID: 920 091 224

    From RTD Paddock: Let's talk about it!

    Today we are going to try something different. Since the beginning of this COVID emergency, I have been writing to you about what's going on in the region. I'd like to break this plan up a little. I want to reduce the total emails you are getting and I have invited other members of the Regional Leadership Team to talk about their areas which you will see over the coming weeks. For today Regional Communications Manager Jared Fiel is going to talk about what we are talking about ... 

    From RCM Jared Fiel:
    First, you have to read through my babble but I promise there are cool pictures to see, too! 

    As you probably have seen over the past three weeks, we have had to do a lot of things differently than we have in the past and communications is definitely a part of that. 

    Region 4 was one of the leaders in communication with our folks, but most of that relied on the Intranet. We learned early on that we needed to do something differently because the only way to access the intranet right now is through VPN which was getting overwhelmed. 

    So, we worked with HQ and got each of the regions an "external" page. The region 4 page is  https://www.codot.gov/employee-communications/region4 

    We are working with RTD Paddock to get messages out to you through her regular messages to the region. Sara Kinnison is taking that information from the RTD message and posting it every day on the Region 4 page. If you have information (or questions about anything going on in the region), please send us an email at  [email protected]
    From Headquarters, you have probably seen the Daily Broadcast. This is news for all of CDOT. ED Lew is also sending out regular messages to the whole organization. I would highly encourage everyone to read those. 

    One of the things that came out in the Daily Broadcast recently is another way to ask your questions or voice concerns about COVID: We want you to feel safe in your new work reality, and to help ensure this is the case across CDOT, we are instituting a mechanism that allows employees to highlight any COVID-19 safety concerns,  sensitive personal situations or questions that are more appropriate for the Safety or HR offices to handle. As always, we hope you can find a sensible solution with your supervisor, but it is important to us that you have a way to communicate any concerns you may have without fear of retaliation. These submissions will be managed out of the Office of Transportation Safety and Risk Management and will be held confidential.

    If you have concerns visit:

    OK, so I promised cool pictures. All of this started in the first week of all of this new normal working from home thing. Brian Varrella sent me a picture of his new "office" and I thought it would be fun to see where everyone is working from now and some of the new "co-workers" they have. This blossomed into a gallery that Sara continually updates. Check it out (often) here:       

    We keep getting great pictures and I love seeing everyone and their loved ones. One of the most recent was from Scott Muller from Sterling. 
    He sent in this picture ...
    20200401_075544.jpg                    Turtle and dog.jpg
    A little different, right? So, I started asking him more about his interesting pets. Here is what he sent me ...
    His name is Snappy Tank. He is annoyed that I am in his space more.
    My dogs love it (having me home)! The cats are plotting something, though. I am definitely cramping their style. It was nice enough yesterday that Snappy could go outside! Snappy tank was dug up and injured by a backhoe on a construction project on a negative 20 degree day in November, 2016. He lives with One Eyed Jack (the smaller turtle), who was injured and rescued on a project in 2003. 
    And then he sent this cool shot from awhile back ...
    20200402_155411.jpg Snappy the turtle.png
    So, while our shelled and furry friends don't have to worry about social distance, I still think there is something for us all to learn here from Snappy Tank: If you have the ability to help others, throw them on your back (metaphorically, of course) and help!
    Have a happy and safe day,

    From RTD Heather Paddock:4/1/2020

    What a great state, great DOT and great people!

    Today and yesterday I had the pleasure of traveling around Region 4 delivering goodie bags to our patrols and construction projects. 

    The pride, the team work and camaraderie that exist within CDOT is unmatched anywhere. It was great to see so many people taking the social distancing seriously as well as feeling purpose and being appreciative of having a job to come to work every day. 

    They all acknowledge that it is their responsibility to keep this virus from spreading and to continue to do the work for the taxpayers of Colorado. From TM1s to LTC Ops to technicians to resident engineers, their sentiments were consistent: They expressed concern about the virus, want to do their part by sanitizing and social distancing, and feel fortunate to have a job.  

    Getting out of headquarters (and out of my house, at the moment) has been eye-opening a little humbling, honestly. 

    When I pulled into the Anton patrol yard, I met a new temp worker. He asked who I was. I told him my title and he said, "What does that mean to me?" When I explained what my title meant, he responded with "Oh $%^#!" And we all laughed. 

    This experience, both the virus and these visits to show the region's appreciation to the folks who aren't able to work from home, was humbling. But it was also energizing. To see the positive energy and the dedication of these folks is inspiring. 

    I know you all can't experience that right now. And I know that all of the information out there can be scary. I did want to re-share something from yesterday's HQ Daily Broadcast. The website mentioned in this article is very helpful really helped me understand more about this virus. I have re-posted the article below. It is actually below the photo I took at the Anton yard guys showing off their social distancing today and the Deer Trail patrol below that one. 
    Patrol pics.JPG

    April 2020 Healthy Perspectives Digest

    We hope everyone is staying well. Amid the uncertainty of this unprecedented time, IP is dedicated to delivering our valued customers inspiring messages and guidance to keep our well-being a priority. 

    The April digest issue includes:

    • Inspire to Move - Guidance for outdoor activities rain or shine. 
    • Nourishing You - Self-Nurturing Nourishment 
    • Health Harmony - Social support advice for conducting tough conversations and cautioning alcohol use for allergy relief.
    • Good Decisions - Stressful situations and making rational choices.

    We hope this month’s digest aids in some relaxation and empowerment. IP’s editorial plans are flexible enough to continue to deliver topics and assistance that is concise, relatable and reliable. 

    Lunch-n-Learn on the "Benefits of Spice" Wed. April 8, 2020

    Spices.jpgAdelle Rogers will be presenting from 12-12:30 p.m. and will take questions from 12:30-1:00 p.m.

    Click on the link to join the Zoom Meeting:


    Meeting ID: 920 091 224

    From RTD Heather Paddock: 3/30/2020

    CDOT folks aren't the only ones working from home these days. All you have to do is look at the roads and parking lots around our communities and you can see that social distancing is where we are now. I urge you all to click on the link of the presentation from the Governor provided on our Public Announcements email today.  Additionally, I suggest you watch the press conference.  As an engineer, I appreciate facts and data.  It is great to see the transparency in the data and why the decision for the stay-at-home order was put in place. It is also great to see the strategic plan Colorado is putting in place, so we can fight this virus to get back to social and economic normalcy.   

    Interesting data point on our roadways ... On March 25, 2019, more than 87,000 vehicle went on US 36 at McCaslin in Boulder County. This year, on that same date, the number was about 41,000.  

    A little housekeeping stuff: If you are working from home (even just part of the time), please make sure you fill out this form (if you put "2 weeks" for the original form, you need to fill it out again). 

    The North Program, PA I Position is Posted

    This position will be closing on April 8, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

    Please open the attached link to review the qualifications and other details. 

    In addition to posting the job on the State of Colorado and CDOT websites, it will also be advertised in the following places.  

    • Connecting Colorado
    • CDOT's LinkedIn 

    Congratulations to Nolan Troudt as the new Sterling area LTC Ops!

    Troudt Nolan.jpgIt is with great pleasure that we announce Maintenance's newest LTC Op for the Paul/Sterling Area, Nolan Troudt. 

    Nolan has been with the department for 17 years.  Most of his years of service has been with the Paul/Sterling Area.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the position and has forged great CDOT and community relationships.  Nolan has proven that he has the knowledge and skills to successfully perform in this position.  Nolan will officially begin in his new role on Monday, April 6, 2020. 

    Congratulations Nolan!

    Don't forget to register for the "Basic Bites" Program! Registration ends Friday, April 3rd

    Postponement of New Hire Orientation Scheduled for April 27, 2020

    The Region 4 New Hire Orientation scheduled for April 27, 2020 has been postponed at this time until further notice. 

    Contact Cindy Brown with any questions or concerns at [email protected] of by phone at 970-515-2921.

    From RTD Heather Paddock: March 27, 2020 

    As I mentioned yesterday, I was up with the US 36 team, working on the project between Lyons and Estes Park. This project has been one causing a lot of internal and external consternation because of the required 30-day closure of US 36. 

    Today we received some amazing news that thanks to some incredible work by the Flatirons team and CDOT crews headed by Brian Varrella, Stacy DeWitt and Monte Malik, US 36 will open today at 6 p.m. That is 10 days ahead of schedule!  I also want to give a shout out to Nicki Upright, Kathy Peterson, and Brad Wright from the Central Program as well as our consulting partners Rocksol, Jacobs, Atkins, Yeh, and Ayres.  We are team CDOT and it couldn’t be done without the spirit of teamwork and the sharing of common goals. 

    This is a really impressive effort. We are already hearing from residents and commuters on our social media accounts. Here are just a few:

    • AWESOME!!! We appreciate your hard work!  
    • Awesome! Great job construction workers   
    • Wow, that's impressive! When is any construction project ahead of schedule?  
    • Thank you for letting us know! This is great news and I appreciate the work the crews have put in!  
    • Thank you for your hard work! Yay! ️  
    • Wow- I'm so impressed with this!  

    These are the kinds of things that make an RTD's day! I would like to pass on my own kudos to the whole team and anyone associated with this project. 

    And speaking of good news, as I mentioned before, our maintenance folks have been helping with delivering needed medical supplies. They have even made the news.

    Thanks to Tim Miles for sending the photo in. 



    You ROCK!

    Steve Pineiro, Matt McVay and Keith Henneke were recognized by a peer, saying...

    Steve, Matt, and Keith provided essential fabrication work to keep a current construction project moving and on schedule... all on short notice! Without their efforts, the project would have experienced a significant delay and a cost to CDOT.

    The project team is VERY appreciative of their work, their willingness to help, and their talents to enable this to happen. Thank you all!

    Tim Miles and the Leadership team were recognized by a peer saying...

    I want to recognize them for having the vision during this incumbent time to change certain essential personnel's work schedule to an alternating 4/10 schedule with shifted schedules. Thus increasing the coverage from 40 hours to 50 hours while decreasing the exposure time between the work force.

    Kimela Page was recognized by Collette Mullins, saying...

    She was able to find a document on my desk and scan it to me so I was able to verify the accuracy of Waste Management invoices while I was working remotely.

    Thanks Kimela, you always go above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated!

    Sanitizing Health Tip for the week: If you haven’t cleaned your cell phone lately…you should!  

    From RTD Paddock: R4 is stepping up and staying in!

    While we are seeing more counties and now the state add to stay-at –home public health orders, I am impressed with how CDOT and Region 4 are already prepared for this and continue to be the model organization other State agencies look to as an example of good practice. 

    Although some of our working conditions may not be ideal (#childrenscreaminginthebackground), I am reminded how fortunate we are.  Two thoughts come to mind: 1st we are still able to collect a paycheck and be able to support our State’s economy and health and 2nd although the kids make it tough to focus, there’s comfort for them knowing that their parents are home. 

    Yesterday was another example of CDOT being of service when we were asked by the State Emergency Operations Center to help deliver medical supplies for Lincoln County and Hugo. Bridge crew members Russ Foose and Paul Gray answered the call and brought pallets of needed supplies on Tuesday. 

    I continue to see how we are going above and beyond the call every day. I have attached a couple picture of their haul in this email. 

    And speaking of pictures, WOW, did you all respond to our request to see your new (or altered) work spaces and new co-workers? 

    Here is the gallery set up to see everyone, so check back often because we keep adding more! Please keep sending them to [email protected]

    Also, remember to check the R4 news page online (without VPN) at https://www.codot.gov/employee-communications/region4

    Have a happy and safe evening and wash your hands!


    From RTD Paddock: News from March 23 

    Well, we are starting Week 2 of this new process. Most of our office staff, who can, are working from home and Maintenance is about to go on staggered shifts to maintain social distance as much as possible. 

    We have received a few ideas from our Region 4 co-workers on working from home so I thought I'd share a few (If you have some ideas, send them to [email protected]):
    • If you’re working electronically and are saving documents instead of printing them out, it’s a good idea to change your default printer to CutePDF to save a little extra time and clicking.
    • Schedule breaks with reminders on your computer or personal device so you don’t forget to take them.
    • Another one: save Cisco Any Connect to your taskbar so you can quickly connect and disconnect (and please remember to disconnect when you don't need it, so it frees up bandwidth!).

    R4 Retirement Lunch has been postponed

    Dear Family & Friends of Region 4, 

    The Leadership Team and 53rd Annual Retirement/Reunion Committee members have officially postponed this year's special luncheon, planned for April 29th. The caterer had given us time to finalize the decision based on what was transpiring in the world around us, so we took it as far as we could. 

    Depending on the payment method used, those who purchased a ticket with cash will be refunded, and we will shred or return checks. 

    Our plan then, with you in mind, is to make sure all measures for a great and safe event for our 2019-20 class of honorees can be a big ole celebration when the time is perfect. We will be so ready to party together! Notice of the new date will be shared as soon as it's set. 

    If you need to reach out to stay connected or share updates with your R4 family, please don't hesitate. 

    Beth, Deanna and Karen

    Safety Links

    Here are two links to the R-4 Safety website:

    R4 Safety Website Homepage   R4 Safety Minute Webpage  

    R4HQ Service Changes: 

    • Mountain Man and R4HQ Chair massages are discontinued until further notice.  

    Reminder about deadline for Helping Hand Scholarship submissions 

    The deadline is fast approaching to the Helping Hand Scholarship - Post marked by March 31. 
    We realize that schools are closed and you may not be able to get the required information.  Please note that on your application. 
    Thanks - The Helping Hand Committee

    To be eligible, a student must be a graduating high school senior and the child of a current CDOT employee. 

    Three, $1,000 scholarships will be given to winning applicants. An additional scholarship of $1,000 (Renewable for 4 years) will be awarded in honor of Terry Roop. 

    All applications must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2020. 

    Scholarship applications are attached and available in PDF online at www.cdothelpinghand.org.

    Helping Hand gives $600 to current and retired employees that are in need of financial assistance. It also gives out scholarships each spring to graduating high school seniors. Helping Hand is an organization that started in 2007 and has given back over $104,000 in financial grants and scholarships in the past 12 years.  Information about the organization can be found at www.cdothelpinghand.org

    The application is due by March 31, 2020

    Below are the requirements and the information to apply: 
    If you have any questions please contact Nicki Upright at 970-302-4059 or [email protected]

    HELPING HAND Flower Bulb Sale!

    Semi annual flower bulb sale, 50% of sales will be returned to Helping Hand.

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    Congratulations to Jonathan Woodworth as Region 4's New PE II in the Traffic Unit

    I am pleased to announce the new PE II in Traffic Operations, Jonathan Woodworth. Jonathan was the top candidate out of a very talented pool of applicants. 
    Jonathan has been with CDOT in the Traffic Operations unit for 4 years with experience in both traffic design and construction. Over the past couple of years he was responsible for identifying, prioritizing and planning the MLOS projects, including striping, markings and signalization's, in addition to administering the projects through pre-construction and construction. 
    Jonathan's first day in the position was, March 16th. Please join me in congratulating Jonathan on his new role. I'm sure it will be a memorable first day!

    March 16, 2020: PMP Time By: Juliet Sheets

    Once again, it is that time of year for all for supervisors and employees to meet for a final review concerning the 2019-2020 performance year and to generate a plan on the 2020-2021 year. For employees, and even veteran supervisors, the dates and processes of electronically signing can be somewhat confusing. You can find the dates needed for your PMP along with other information that can help you with the PMP process on the CDOT page under “People” or visit http://intranet/employees/performance-management/performance-process on the Intranet (VPN required).

    One important thing to remember for all employees is that this is a time for review of performance for the entire year. Mid-Year ratings and notes should assist in recalling where employees have been in their performance and where they are currently. Often, an event that occurred recently can influence ratings given by supervisors, especially if the event is something that has not been positive. Events that have occurred recently should have no more weight than something that occurred in January, unless these are repetitive and have continued to be a pattern. 

    Employees, this is a time to discuss with your supervisor your accomplishments and shortcomings. It is your responsibility to come in prepared and ready to help your supervisor recall your performance. It is much more beneficial to come to your PMP ready to discuss achievements and challenges versus disputing your final rating after the fact. After all, supervisors are expected to listen in the meeting and discuss expectations that were met and hear your perspective. Your rating should not be final until after your supervisor has listened to all your information. 

    Work together collaboratively. Supervisors, remember the goal is to communicate expectations that were met and communicate any shortcomings so that employees can improve performance.  Employees, remember that it is often difficult to relay when expectations have not been met. It would be easier to just brush all the areas where improvement is needed under the rug and move on, but in reality that would not be helping the employee or the state do our best work. 

    Hopefully, nothing that is said in your PMP is a new news or something that you have not been told before; good or bad.  However, if there are some unwelcome surprises stay positive and work toward resolution and understanding. 

    PMP’s can be stressful so I hope these tips have been somewhat helpful. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, we would be more than happy to help.

    Happy PMP season,

    R4: COVID Regional Response & Update

    From Heather Paddock, R4 RTD: 
    Clearly we are seeing a lot of impacts with the COVID 19 virus nationally and in our state. I know there are a lot of questions everyone has, and we don't have all the answers yet. But I wanted you to know some of the things we know right now. Also, we know that HQ is planning to start regular communications to all employees very soon, so watch for that. For now, here is what we know: 
    1. Cleaning and sanitary supplies. Maintenance is ordering extra supplies for all locations. These items will be distributed as they arrive.
    2. Increasing cleaning services. Cleaning crews will be doing extra duty to keep common areas in our offices sanitized and clean. 
    3. But there is still plenty you can do. As you have heard through all the media, washing your hands and limiting contact with others are good practices. Check out the CDPHE site for more https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/2019-novel-coronavirus
    4. Reduce work travel, when possible. If you can teleconference instead of meeting in person, please do!
    5. Any out-of-state travel will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Currently there are no changes to domestic travel, but if you have any pre-approved out-of-state travel, keep in close contact with your supervisor about this. 
    6. Public meetings. A lot of our projects and studies often have a public meeting component. Where possible, we are going to work on ways to disseminate this information virtually. If you have a public meeting coming up, be sure to reach out to Jared Fiel, Regional Communications Manager, to work on these alternatives. 

    There is a lot of concern around this. But I have seen how Region 4 faces adversity. I saw it in the Floods of 2013 and the Cyber attack a few years ago. We all need to work together and we will meet this challenge in the same way. 

    PE II Announcement is Posted

    The Finals Engineer position is now posted and will close on Sunday 3/14/2020. 

    Civil Engineering Project Manager Opening

    This is the vacancy created with the resignation of Tammy Rees in the Greeley R4HQ Office. It is classified as Civil Engineer Project Manager I. Please open the attached link to review the qualifications and other details.

    In addition to posting the job on the State of Colorado and CDOT websites, it will also be advertised in the following places.  

    • Connecting Colorado
    • CDOT's LinkedIn 

    Join Linda Hurley for her Retirement Celebration April 30, 2020

    Please join us as we celebrate Linda Hurley's retirement Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. at Greeley HQ in the Interchange. 

    For more information please contact Sarah Rodriguez at 970-350-2146 or [email protected] 

    You ROCK!

    Lisa Femmenino, Bryan Schafer, Rich Christy, Brenda Valasek, Juliet Sheets, Lou Keen, Cynthia Gallegos, Marci Gray were all recognized by Chad Hall, saying...

    We needed to expedite a task order and the team worked together flawlessly to get through the process ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON.
    Thank you everyone for your hard work!  

    David "Patch" Pollitt, Gene Longworth, Tony Wagoner and Justin Decker were all recognized by Deanna McIntosh and Kimela Page, saying...

    Patch, Gene, Tony and Justin are always coming to our rescue and expect nothing in return; Patch and Tony cover the front desk whenever asked, and they are all so quick to help with anything facility related, like turning up/down heat in rooms, replacing dead batteries and filling empty paper towel dispensers, just to name a few. They handle our requests quickly and they are always so courteous about every request.

    We really appreciate these guys!

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