Technical Memorandums

These technical memorandums are issued when expediency is required or as a means for introducing new policy and procedures. Technical memorandums from the Staff Bridge Engineer’s office giving direction for structural design shall govern over the contents of the Bridge Design Manual and the AASHTO specifications.
1999-09 Evaluating Existing Structures For Rail Replacements

September 1999 -F HWA approval of the CDOT submittal of our revised two tube steel rail (Type 10M) was predicated on several geometric requirements. One of those requirements was the curb section. Initial crash tests of the Oregon two tube section that we adopted for our Type 10 Rail included a 6 inch high curb.

1997-08 Implementation of Design-Build Guidelines

August 1997 - The attached Design-Build Guidelines are to be used when developing design-build projects which are based on the current bidding requirements for determining the low, responsible bidder. They were developed in cooperation with FHWA, The American Consulting Engineers Council of Colorado, and the Colorado Contractors Association.

1995-06 Fracture Critical Bridges and Fracture Critical Members

June 1995 - The attached data, entitled Appendix A, contains excerpts from the FHWA Advisory and other literature relating to the referenced subject. The data is to serve only as a reminder that it is the unit leader, together with the designer, who is responsible for designating the Fractural Control Plan (FCP) to be used on the project. The data is intended to provide the basis for as nearly uniform an interpretation as is possible in assigning Fracture Control Members (FCMs) in a particular bridge design.

1995-06 Concrete Properties Related General Information

June 1995 - The following information is provided as data for your information and use as needed in a given situation. It is not intended to be a thorough or complete treatise; rather, merely "back to basics" knowledge which may be of value in the understanding of problems that are encountered in the design and construction of concrete bridges.

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