Structural Worksheets Memorandums

These memorandums introduce and document changes to the Bridge Worksheets.
20-01 Worksheet Revisions - Bridge Rail 9 & 10

January 2020 - Revisions to B-INDEX-1, B-INDEX-2, B-518-1C, B-606-9, B-606-9A, B-606-9B, B-606-9C, B-606-9D, B-606-10MASH, B-606-10MASHA, B-606-10MASHB, B-606-10MASHC, B-606-10MASHD. Addition of B-606-10MASHA-S, B-606-10MASHB-S, B-606-10MASHC-S.

13-10 Worksheet Revisions All

October 2013 - All worksheets were updated except 11 files for the series B-518-1 thru B-518-PR. Those 11 files were updated on May 23, 2013. 10/2013

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