Misc. Bridge Documents

Bridge Field Log of Structures and Bridge Technical Memorandums
Bridge Field Log of Structures
The structures in this report are listed in highway order as established by the Colorado Department of Transportation Division of Transportation Development. It is composed of major structures, overhead signs, overhead pipes, pedestrian facilities, tunnels, and any structure that would impose a restriction to traffic on Colorado highways. IT'S NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS HARD COPY (7/2014)
Bridge Technical Memorandums
Technical Memorandums, Design Manual Memorandums, Detail Manual Memorandums, Bridge Worksheet Memorandums, Rating Manual Memorandums
Accelerated Bridge Construction Software
In the past, the Department used an Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Decision Chart during project scoping to determine if ABC was appropriate for the site. This chart was based on the Federal Highway Administration Manual entitled “Decision-Making Framework for Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES), May 2006”. This process was based on a set of questions regarding specific constraints of each project. If certain thresholds were met, ABC was recommended. This software can be used in decision making process of selecting ABC as an alternative construction method during Structure Selection Report preparation. If you have a question regrading ABC, please refer to Mr. Behrooz Far. His contact information is displayed to the right of this page.
Polyester Concrete & Expansion Device Training
Presentation at CDOT on 02/26/2014
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