CO 392 Environmental Overview Study (EOS)

The desired outcome of the EOS is to identify a transportation solution that has the support of local and regional planning partners, and which identifies ROW that must be preserved for those improvements. This plan would then be used by planners to set aside ROW as development occurs along the corridor. The CO 392 EOS study limits are from CO 287 on the west to Weld County Road (WCR) 23 on the east. Keywords: Studies, State Highways, Active Construction
File PDF document Preface, Table and Executive Summary
Preface, Table of Contents and Executive Summary for the SH 392 EOS.
File PDF document Chapter 1, Introduction and Scope
SH 392 EOS Chapter 1, Introduction and Project Scope
File PDF document Chapter 2, Corridor Identification
SH 392 EOS Chapter 2, Corridor Identification
File PDF document Chapter 3, Project Context
SH 392 EOS Chapter 3, Project Context
File PDF document Chapter 4, Alternative Development and Screening
SH 392 EOS Chapter 4, Alternative Development and Screening
File PDF document Chapter 5, Public Involvement
SH 392 EOS Chapter 5, Public Involvement
File PDF document Chapter 6, Recommendations
SH 392 EOS Chapter 6, Recommendations
File PDF document Chapter 7, Next Steps
SH 392 EOS Chapter 7
File PDF document Chapter 8, Reference
SH 392 EOS Chapter 8, Reference
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