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On March 2, 2009, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed SB09-108 into law. The Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery (FASTER) provides needed funds for addressing safety issues on Colorado roadways. As directed by the Colorado Transportation Commission (Commission), the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for implementation of Road Safety Projects on state highways using funds credited to the Highway User Tax Fund and allocated to the State Highway Fund. CDOT receives roughly 60% of the FASTER fines, fees, and surcharges that are maintained in the Highway User Tax Fund.

The Commission directed CDOT to deliver a FASTER program which is divided into the FASTER Bridge, FASTER Transit, and FASTER Safety programs. FASTER Safety is subdivided into FASTER Safety Asset Management (FSAM) and FASTER Safety Mitigation (FSM). The FSM program is focused on mitigating documented safety hazards and preventing future crashes with specific goals of reducing highway crashes and the severity of highway crashes. CDOT will achieve the program goals by selecting projects that:

  • Reduces existing crashes,
  • Reduces severity of existing crashes,
  • Addresses system weaknesses,
  • Enhances highway features and/or functions,
  • Provides a proven safety measure for a systematic or preventative location,
  • Improves pedestrian and bicycle safety,
  • Leverages funding opportunities with an existing project, and/or
  • Encourages cooperative efforts with local agencies.

How is Safety Defined?

The efficient and responsible investment of resources in addressing safety problems is a difficult task. Since crashes occur on all highways in use, it is inappropriate to say of any highway that is safe or unsafe as road safety is a matter of degree. We have refined the assessment of the magnitude of safety problems through the use of Safety Performance Functions (SPF). The SPF reflects the complex relationship between traffic exposure measured in Average Daily Traffic (ADT), and crash count measured in crashes per year. The SPF model provides an estimate of the expected crash frequency and severity for a range of ADT among similar facilities. SPF graphs by facility type are found here.

How are FSM Projects Selected?

While no two projects are alike, CDOT identifies a majority of safety issues to be addressed by FSM projects through the following methods: (1) identification of a correctible crash pattern(s) through statewide crash data analyses and (2) confirmation of a locally observed safety issue(s) using engineering analyses. 

FSM funds are eligible for use with all modes of travel during all phases of design and construction of accepted transportation safety projects; however, construction of infrastructure improvements is required. Typically, FSM funding requests are made via an application submitted by one of CDOT's Engineering Regions and evaluated by CDOT HQ for program eligibility and technical compatibility with program goals. Local agencies may partner with CDOT for use of FSM funds by submitting an application to the appropriate CDOT Regional contact (download application). CDOT Regional planners and engineering staff will work local partners to analyze available data and determine effective safety projects for each Region. 

FASTER Safety Mitigation Project Plan

The most recent FASTER Safety Mitigation 4-year plan could be found here.

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