2012 S-Standard Plans

Welcome to the S-Standard Plans page. The latest CDOT M & S Standards Plans Book was published on July 2012
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CDOT Traffic S-Standard Project Plans Revision Date Number of Sheets
S-612-1 Typical Delineator Installation 4/12/2018 8
S-614-1 Typical Ground Sign Placement 12/12/2014 2
S-614-2 Class I Ground Sign Installation 6/24/2016 1
S-614-3 Class II Ground Sign Installation 1
S-614-4 Class III Signs Installation and Details 12/17/2014 3
S-614-5 Break-Away Sign Support Details for Ground Signs 2/8/2017 2
S-614-6 Concrete Footings & Sign Island Details for Class III Signs 9/16/2013 2
S-614-8 Tubular Steel Sign Support Details 4/12/2018 7
S-614-9 Pedestrian Push Button Post Assembly 5/24/2016 2
S-614-10 Typical Marker Assembly Installations 1
S-614-11 Milepost Sign Detail for High Snow Areas 1
S-614-12 Structure Number Installation 4/30/2018 2
S-614-14 Flashing Beacon (Permanent) and Sign Installation 3
S-614-20 Typical Pole Mount Sign Installation 1
S-614-21 Concrete Barrier Sign Post Installation 5/24/2016 2
S-614-22 Multi-Sign Installations 1
S-614-40 Typical Traffic Signal Installation 6/17/2016 5
S-614-40A Alternate Traffic Signal Installation 6/17/2016 4
S-614-41 Temporary Span Wire Signals 4/2/2015 13
S-614-42 Cabinet Foundation Detail 4
S-614-43 Traffic Loop and Miscellaneous Signal Details 10
S-614-44 Pedestal Pole Signals 6/17/2016 2
S-614-50 Overhead Sign Structures (Monotube) 6/17/2016 12
S-614-60 Dynamic Sign Monotube Structures 6/17/2016 14
S-627-1 Typical Pavement Markings 2/8/2017 8
S-630-1 Traffic Controls for Highway Construction 6/23/2016 24
S-630-2 Barricades, Drums, Concrete Barriers (Temp), and Vertical Panels 6/23/2016 1
S-630-3 Flashing Beacon (Portable) Details 1
S-630-4 Steel Sign Support (Temporary) Installation Details 2
S-630-5 Portable Rumble Strips (Temporary) 8/12/2015 2
S-630-6 Emergency Pull-Off Area (Temporary) 1
S-630-7 Rolling Roadblocks for Traffic Control 3
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