2012 Safety Standards

S-612-1 Delineator Installations
Typical Delineator Installation
S-614-1 Ground Sign Placement
Typical Ground Sign Placement
S-614-2 Class I Signs
Class I Ground Sign Installation
S-614-3 Class II Signs
Class II Ground Sign Installation
S-614-4 Class III Signs
Installation & Details
S-614-5 Break-Away Sign Supports
Break-Away Sign Support Details for Ground Signs
S-614-6 Concrete Footings and Sign Islands
Concrete Footing & Sign Island Details for Class III Signs
S-614-8 Tubular Steel Signs
Tubular Steel Sign Support Details
S-614-9 Pedestrian Push Button Post Assembly
Detail of Pedestrian Push Button Post and Slipbase Details
S-614-10 Marker Assembly
Typical Marker Assembly Installations
S-614-11 Milepost Sign Detail for High Snow Areas
Typical Milepost Sign Installation in Snowy Areas
S-614-12 Structure Number Installation
Typical Structure Number Sign Installation
S-614-14 Flashing Beacon
Flashing Beacon (Permanent) & Sign Installation
S-614-20 Pole Mount Sign Installations
Typical Pole Mount Sign Installation
S-614-21 Concrete Barrier Sign Post Installations
Typical Concrete Barrier Sign Post Installation
S-614-22 Multi-Sign Installations
Typical Multiple Signs Installation
S-614-40 Typical Traffic Signal Installation Details
Typical Traffic Signal Installation Details S-614-40
S-614-40A Alternate Traffic Signal Installation Details
Alternate Traffic Signal Installation Details S-614-40A.
S-614-41 Temporary Span Wire Signals
General Notes, Design & Material Data, and details of Temporary Wire Span Wire Signals.
S-614-42 Cabinet Foundation Detail
Controller Cabinet Foundation details
S-614-43 Traffic Loop Miscellaneous Signal Details
Details of Various Traffic Loops, Wiring Diagrams and Signal Mounting Brackets
S-614-44 Pedestal Pole Signals
This standard plan provided separate the traffic signal pedestal pole details from the temporary span wire signal details, which is provided in S-614-41. There is also ramp metering pedestal pole detail, the use frangible base at bottom of the pedestal pole (breakaway transformer base of TB2-17 or approved equal), and installation details for the regulatory sign panels on the pedestal pole. This standard plan also has updated design code references to the current Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals, 5th Edition, including the 2010 & 2011 Interims.
S-614-50 Overhead Signs Monotube
Typical Overhead Sign Monotube Details
S-614-60 Dynamic Sign Monotube Structures
Typical Dynamic Sign Monotube Structures
S-627-1 Pavement Markings
Typical Applications of Pavement Markings
S-630-1 Traffic Controls for Highway Construction
Typical Applications of Various Work Zone Layouts
S-630-2 Barricades Drums etc
Barricades, Drums, Concrete Barriers (Temp) and Vertical Panels
S-630-3 Flashing Beacon (Portable)
Typical Aplications of Portable Flashing Beacons
S-630-4 Steel Sign Support (Temp) Installation Details
Typical Applications of Temporary Steel Sign Supports
S-630-5 Portable Rumble Strips (Temporary)
Detail and typical layout of temporary portable rumble strips in temporary traffic control zones.
S-630-6 Emergency Pull-Off Area (Temporary)
Typical layout of temporary emergency pull-off area in a work zone area.
S-630-7 Rolling Roadblocks for Traffic Control
Notes and layouts of a typical rolling roadblock operation for temporary traffic control.
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